5 Reasons Why You Should Quit Smoking to Have Better Sex

5 Reasons Why You Should Quit Smoking to Have Better Sex

Smoking is harmful to health, but it is hard to understand for many people, So Quit Smoking. In 2019, 15% of all male adults in the US were current cigarette smokers. Are you wondering how a small puff is connected with your sex life? Well, it is. Studies support that smoking can cause various sexual problems and destroy your sex life. 

Smoking makes you look “cool” and “sophisticated”, but its side effects bring distress. Your sexual appearance, body functionality, and mental health depend on the way you spend your day, and making smoking a part of the day you take a significant setback in your sexual life.

Nicotine present in tobacco increases the chances of sexual dysfunction like ED and PE. This article will cover the five biggest reasons why you need to quit smoking right now. 

5 Reasons to Quit Smoking

1) Enhanced Sexual Desire

Sexual desire or sexual drive is also known as libido. Libido depends on various components, like neurotransmitters and hormones, that change from person to person. The relationship between nicotine and your sexual drive is not so good. When you smoke, the nicotine enters your body and gradually causes harm to the blood vessels in the pelvic area. 

In a study, the researchers took 6000 participants, aged 50-75, and filtered them into three groups- non-smokers, former smokers, and current smokers. Results showed that current smokers had low libido and a prevalence of erectile dysfunction. However, non-smokers had better erectile function and libido.

More studies are required to discover the impact of nicotine on sexual desire. Simply put, nicotine affects the central nervous system, which plays an essential part in sexual drive and arousal. Quitting smoking helps with improving sex drive and sexual performance in the bedroom.

2) Increased Blood Circulation

Blood flow is the key reason for experiencing sexual dysfunction like ED. The lack of blood flow in the penis affects the quality of erection during sex. Chemicals present in the cigarette disrupt the blood flow. 

The cells that line blood vessels get swollen and inflamed, which narrows down the vessels and reduces the blood circulation in the penis. Nitric oxide is responsible for proper blood circulation. Nicotine initially dilates the cerebral arteries but gradually disrupts the functioning. 

Giving up smoking contributes to enhanced blood flow, benefiting not just the penis but the entire body. The increment in the blood flow makes it easier to get enough blood during an erection. 

3) Boosted Sexual Performance

You must be aware of the importance of stamina in sexual intercourse. Having good sexual performance and high stamina makes you feel more satisfied. Sexual performance improves, and sex becomes more enjoyable. But daily smoking can kill your sexual stamina and reduce your performance. Smokers have lesser endurance and poor physical performance than non-smokers.

The reason behind it is that your lungs, heart, and muscles play a crucial role in staying longer in bed. As you smoke, you inhale carbon monoxide. As a result, the oxygen level decreases, making it difficult for muscles to do their work, and you lose your sexual stamina.

Quitting smoking helps improve your stamina and provides a better sexual experience. It increases lung capacity by 10% in the first nine months, making it easier to get sufficient oxygen during sex. The increased oxygen level allows you to have a better sex experience for a longer time.

4) Improved Erectile Function

Another benefit of quitting smoking is to get a better erection. According to WebMD, men who smoke develop ED twice that of non-smokers. Smoking interferes with the normal blood circulation in the body and reduces the flow in the penis. Due to this, you get no erection during sex, medically termed as erectile dysfunction. 

Quitting smoking improves blood circulation and endurance. The blood pressure is enhanced, and the chances of sexual dysfunction decrease. Increased blood flow promotes a healthy and firmer erection, making sex more fun and satisfying. Quitting smoking can also reduce the chances of premature ejaculation. 

5) Optimal Health

Health comes over anything else. Smoking for fun ruins multiple organs. It increases the chances of heart disease, lung disease, diabetes, and cancer. One of the major causes of erectile dysfunction is a physical health condition. Cardiovascular problems and diabetes contribute to ED at a high level. 

Smoking reduces your lung capacity, which decreases sexual stamina. It also affects the coronary arteries and reduces the blood flow, resulting in no or almost no erection. Smoking also causes a reduction in the libido. 

Quitting smoking helps with all these problems and brings joy to your sex life. Having better erection, endurance, and sexual performance improves your sex life.

Final Words

Erectile dysfunction is distressing, but caused by a bad habit is devastating. An unhealthy habit that you can quit and save your sex life. Smoking affects the overall body. You can increase your libido, sexual performance, and erection just by giving up a habit. 

So, if you smoke, give up for good. But even after quitting, if you can’t get your erection back, don’t worry. We provide a bunch of medicines in the US that treat erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. All you need to do is go to our website and select your medicine. With the prescription, it will take no time to find it on your doorstep. 

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