6 Myths About ED that You Need to Stop Believing

6 Myths About ED that You Need to Stop Believing

If you are aging and in your 40s, you are just some moments away from getting erectile dysfunction. Got scared, aren’t you? It is usual to get this kind of misinformation (Myths About ED ) on the internet. It scares you and forces you to take the wrong action. 

Erectile dysfunction is an inability to get or maintain an erection. However, the partly is true that aging does affect your body’s strength, which may lead to sexual dysfunction. But different causes result in ED in men. 

Your low self-esteem and mental state also affect your ability to get an erection. Is it all psychological or physical? Read this article to find the answer to this question. Debunk all the myths that you have heard or read online about erectile dysfunction. 

Myths About ED 1: ED only happens in old male, and they have to live with it

Fact: ED is ordinary in old age but can happen at any age. As you grow old, your body becomes fragile, and you lose control of your sexual functioning. Erectile problems increase with the increment in age. 

Statistics say that 70% of men experience erectile dysfunction at the age of 70. But ED is a psychological problem and occurs at a young age, too. The reason behind, various factors contribute to erectile dysfunction, and age is just one of them. 

An unhealthy lifestyle, relationship problems, and an unhealthy mental state all lead to ED in men. As the blood flow in the penis decreases, men experience ED. These factors reduce the blood circulation in the pelvic area, resulting in losing an erection during sex.

Myths About ED 2: Trouble getting an erection only once leads to ED

Fact: Having trouble getting an erection for one time can’t cause erectile dysfunction. It can happen due to excessive drinking. Even a stressful day can result in having difficulty getting an erection. But it doesn’t mean you get ED. 

These factors contribute to erectile dysfunction, but as you treat them, you get your erection back. Psychological issues like anxiety, stress, fatigue, and personal problems reduce the blood flow in the penis, leading to sudden erectile dysfunction.  

Your ability to get an erection also depends on your mood. Sometimes, your partner wants to have sex but you may not be interested at the moment. It can lead to no or almost no erection. 

Myths About ED 3: Only men suffer from erectile dysfunction.

Fact: Erectile dysfunction is a sexual problem that both men and women suffer at the same time. Men usually think that the fact they can’t get an erection affects only their sex life. But it affects the partner too in the same amount. 

Low self-esteem and sexual problems create distress in the relationship. Sometimes, the partner tends to take responsibility and feels that they are the reason for what happened. The anxiety goes for both. They feel unloved and left out, which increases the communication gap. 

To avoid this, talk to your partner about the problem directly. You can read our guide on how to open a discussion about ED with your partner

Myths About ED 4: Erectile dysfunction is not physical, but it’s all in your mind.

Fact: In the past, the researchers believed that erectile dysfunction was only a psychological problem and not physical. With the advancement in medical science, it is now discovered that ED can occur due to both physical and psychological causes

Several diseases like heart problems, type-2 diabetes, and prostate cancer can lead to the inability to get an erection. These health conditions interfere the blood circulation in the body, including the pelvic area. The disruption in the blood flow causes erectile dysfunction. 

High blood pressure, high cholesterol, and certain drugs can also result in ED. There might be times when the actual cause of ED is anxiety or depression, but ED is not just all in your mind, it can be physical. 

Myths About ED 5: ED can be cured by improving the testosterone levels.

Fact: Testosterone helps in getting an erection, but it can’t cure the problem. Hormonal imbalance leads to sexual problems like erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. 

Taking supplements for improving testosterone levels doesn’t affect the ability to get an erection directly. It may decrease the chances of ED. Talk to your doctor about hormonal imbalance and find its proper treatment. You can practice exercises to reduce the chances of erectile dysfunction in men. 

Myths About ED 6: Only medicines help with erectile dysfunction.

Fact: Erectile dysfunction can be treated in several ways. Medicines help with ED, as they improve the blood flow in the penis and allow you to get an erection at the right time. But they are not just the only way to treat ED. 

You can improve your lifestyle by exercising daily and eating healthy food like green vegetables. Exercise keeps the body active and reduces the risk of any physical health conditions. It also improves the blood flow in the body. 

Options like surgery and penile injections also help with ED. You can fasten the speed of recovery by quitting drinking and smoking. 

Final Words

Having erectile dysfunction is normal and nothing to be ashamed of. Sex is used as a way to relax and release stress. So, don’t let the sex become the reason for stress. You can opt for various ways to treat ED. Don’t believe in the myths and find the information by yourself. You can speed up your treatment by taking medicines and doing other things, too, like exercise and eating healthy. 

If you have erectile dysfunction and are tired of the stress and the embracement of not getting an erection, you can search for ED medicines on our website. There, you will get the best ED and PE treatments for your sexual dysfunction. 

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