6 Psychological Causes of ED in Men

6 Psychological Causes of ED in Men

Your mindset toward anything changes the outcome. We link erectile dysfunction with physical health conditions like heart disease and diabetes. But your psychology has a huge impact on it. Do you know that of all erectile dysfunction cases, 10-20% of men suffer due to psychological causes?

Psychological causes are the common reasons for ED in young men. Your brain plays a vital role in getting or maintaining an erection during sex. The way you think about a problem- stress, anxiety, or depression, can cause sexual dysfunction

The type of ED that is caused by psychological causes is called psychogenic ED. This article will cover the most common psychological causes of ED in men. 

6 Psychological Causes of ED in Men

1) Performance Anxiety

Performance anxiety is a problem that is very common to experience in men. When you get nervous or anxious before sex, you experience performance anxiety. There can be various reasons for getting nervous during sex. 

Lack of confidence, penis size, or body image can all contribute to sexual performance anxiety. The fear of not performing well sexually can lead to sexual dysfunction. This problem usually affects young men. 

The anxiety connects your sexual desires with your anxious brain, resulting in erectile dysfunction. As you get nervous, your brain triggers anxiety and fails to provide sufficient blood flow to the penis. 

Another reason for performance anxiety is negative self-talk. Continuously making a negative image of yourself can create problems. A study in 2005 evaluated that for men, issues like attitudes toward sex, relationship conflicts, and performance anxiety were linked to sexual dysfunction. Similar in women. 

2) Stress and Lifestyle Factors

Stress has several downsides, and sexual dysfunction is one of them. Anxiety and stress are ordinary causes of sudden erectile dysfunction. Chronic stress can occur due to marriage problems, work issues, or consistent worry. Stress can also be connected with your lifestyle. 

The way you treat yourself in a day psychologically affects your sexual health. Lifestyle matters a lot when it comes to sex. Unhealthy habits like smoking or excessive drinking can harm your sex life. 

You can cope with your stress by bringing lifestyle changes. Practice exercise daily and eat healthy food. Having a healthy sleeping cycle can help to reduce stress. 

3) Relationship Issues

The most time you spend in your home is with your partner. Issues with them go long. But these relationship problems can affect you psychologically. The fight with your partner creates stress and tension in your mind, and you act off. You get angry and stressed, which leads to sexual dysfunction in bed. 

However, it works both ways. 25% of couples end up divorcing each other due to the presence of erectile dysfunction. It becomes the main reason for a fight. 

To help with relationship issues, the first is to communicate with your partner. Talk to them and discuss your problems. Please consult a doctor and attend a couple of counseling sessions before it gets worse. 

4) Depression and Anxiety

Going through depression is depressing, and not getting an erection due to it can destroy your mood at another level. 17% of young adults aged 18-25 years experience depression. The consistent feeling of fear, sadness, and irritation makes it difficult to get a firm erection. 

Additionally, when you go through depression, you take antidepressants to overcome it. Studies show that antidepressants negatively affect sexual health, resulting in sexual dysfunction. 

You can check our guide on “Link Between Antidepressants and Erectile Dysfunction

5) Low Self-esteem

Your confidence not only matters in public but also in your bedroom. The more you are confident about yourself, the more satisfying sex you experience. Low self-esteem due to body image, or anxiety about yourself can ruin your life. 

Reasons that can cause a lack of self-esteem are:

  • Poor body image
  • Unattractive looks
  • Belief systems
  • History of trauma
  • Fear of judgment

These negative thoughts pile up and make you feel less worthy of yourself. You criticize and get knocked off the bed. It increases the pressure to satisfy your partner’s needs and leads to sexual dysfunction. Low self-esteem is a psychological cause of ED.

To cope with this, practice self-care. Don’t think any less of yourself. If you have gone through trauma, get help from a professional to overcome it. Attend therapy sessions and bring changes in the way you see yourself. 

6) Pornography

Porn is the best way to get confidence sexually. It helps to explore the body and allows you to find the best for you. But it can reflect, too. The excessive use of pornography can dysfunctional you sexually. 

Men who watch extreme porn end up with erectile dysfunction. In a study conducted in 2021, the researchers took 3000 men aged 18-35. They found that 21% of sexually active participants experience some level of ED. The finding suggested that the extreme consumption of pornography can increase the chances of erectile dysfunction. 

When you watch porn, you make an unrealistic situation in your head, which makes the reality looks dull. Large consumption of porn damages the essential nerves in the penis, making it difficult to get an erection. 


Having erectile dysfunction is common. 40% of men experience ED once in their lifetimes. Understanding the cause helps in finding the right treatment for it. Whether it’s anxiety or pornography, you just need the necessary guidance. Talk to a doctor and discuss about the problem. 

Once you learn about the root psychological causes of ED, your doctor will suggest medicines that will help improve your erection. If you need generic ED medicines, we are here for you. We provide a wide range of ED and PE medicines that help men get their erections and confidence back.


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