Alcohol and ED

Alcohol and ED: Can Alcohol Cause Erectile Dysfunction in Men?

“Alcohol and ED?” “Is there even a connection between these?” You must have several questions. Everyone drinks, and few excessively drink. Drinking alcohol is common, and people like to drink on multiple occasions. It makes them feel relaxed and light. 

But if we say that alcohol can affect your sexual health, will you drink? Yes, drinking alcohol and erectile dysfunction are connected in many forms. Drinking affects the brain, which makes it difficult to get an erection. Alcohol also affects the functioning of the heart, leading to a lack of blood flow in the genitals. 

In this blog, we will help you understand how alcohol can cause sexual dysfunction. How much alcohol can cause it? You will also learn about other reasons that can lead to ED. 

Link Between Alcohol and ED

Drinking alcohol helps in releasing complicated thoughts and leaves you with a relaxing and fun mood. As you drink alcohol, it directly affects your brain, which makes it easy to lose control over things. Having one or two drinks is normal, but when the number of drinks increases, the chances of getting erectile dysfunction increase. 

Alcohol abuse becomes one of the reasons for sexual dysfunction like ED, premature ejaculation, and other sexual problems. So, let’s understand how alcohol and ED are connected and how excessive drinking can cause changes in sexual behaviors.

1) Alcohol and Testosterone

Testosterone is a necessary part of the erection process. These are the sex hormones that help with sex drive, muscle mass, and sperm count. Lack of testosterone causes various problems like sexual dysfunction. 

Studies show that excessive drinking of alcohol lowers the testosterone production in the body. Chronic drinking affects the liver functioning, which reduces the production of testosterone. The reduction in the testosterone level leads to sexual dysfunction. It starts by affecting the mood and sex drive (libido).

To maintain the testosterone level, reducing the amount of drinking is crucial. Moderate drinking can even help to improve its production. 

2) Alcohol and Erection

No erection- this is the main problem of 40 million men worldwide. The incapability to get an erection is called erectile dysfunction. Alcohol can cause temporary ED. When you drink excessive amounts of alcohol, your brain messengers get interfered with and are unable to provide sufficient blood to the penis. It makes it hard to keep an erection for a longer duration. 

Sometimes, you must have experienced that after drinking too much, you can’t get sexually excited. It happens because of the dysfunction of the brain. 

However, alcohol affects different people differently. It depends on the gender, age, weight, and the type of alcohol. After drinking a high amount of alcohol, you lose a grip on erectile functioning and experience temporary ED.

3) Alcohol and Long-term ED

Excessive intake of alcohol can create multiple problems. It affects the heart, liver, and brain. Alcohol damages the central nervous system, which becomes a reason for getting erectile dysfunction. It also affects the nerves, which are crucial for cardiovascular functioning. Alcohol increases the chances of heart disease, leading to sexual dysfunction. 

A study in 2007 took 100 men with alcohol dependence. 72% of men experienced sexual problems like ED, PE, and low sexual desire, the study concluded that the amount of alcohol consumed is directly linked with sexual dysfunction. 

How Much Alcohol Can Cause ED?

It is clear that excessive drinking can cause sexual dysfunction. But now you must be wondering- how much amount of alcohol can lead to erectile dysfunction. If you drink excessive alcohol daily, i.e., three or more standard drinks per day, it can become the cause of temporary erectile dysfunction.

Consistent drinking damages the nerves and affects the heart, resulting in difficulty in getting an erection during intercourse. Drinking on some occasions or weekends is normal, but as you increase the amount, it induces ED. 

Does ED Go Away If You Stop Drinking?

Reversing erectile dysfunction is possible if you stop drinking. Reducing the drinking amount can improve erectile functioning and other other organs. 

A study investigated the impact of alcohol abstinence on 1000 ED patients. After three months of stopping drinking, 88% of patients showed improvement in liver and sexual functioning. This study concluded that alcohol abstinence can bring positive changes in sexual functioning. 

The absence of alcohol can improve overall health. However, everyone’s body may respond to this practice differently. Some may show positive results, while others may experience alcohol withdrawal symptoms. 

Other Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

Excessive alcohol drinking is one of the multiple causes of erectile dysfunction in men. Various other reasons can also cause sexual dysfunction. These are:

Psychological Causes

Psychological issues like depression, anxiety, or relationship conflicts contribute to sexual dysfunction. Depression is one of the major causes of psychogenic ED. Sometimes, an extra workload or an intense fight with your partner can interfere with the brain messenger, making it difficult to get enough blood flow in the penis. 

Physical Conditions

Physical conditions like heart disease and diabetes increase the chances of erectile dysfunction. Excessive drinking affects the functioning of the liver and heart, which also increases the possibility of ED. High cholesterol, high blood pressure, or cancer creates difficulty in getting an erection during sex.

Unhealthy Lifestyle

Your lifestyle affects a lot on your sexual health than you think. Being overweight or eating unhealthy food can cause erectile dysfunction. Alcohol and erectile dysfunction are linked with unhealthy lifestyles. Your sleep cycle also affects your sexual health. Lack of physical activity leads to insufficient blood in the penis, leading to sexual dysfunction. 


Having erectile dysfunction is fine, but making alcohol the reason for it is not. Enjoying one or two drinks occasionally works well and becomes an escape, but you never know when this little escape become your world. Excessive alcohol drinking can cause sexual problems like premature ejaculation, low sex drive, and testosterone. It is vital not to get caught up in the drinks.

Other causes of erectile dysfunction are lack of physical exercise, any physical condition, psychological issues, or an unhealthy diet. Your lifestyle affects your sexual health indirectly and gives you a lifetime of sexual dysfunction. Make sure to have a good lifestyle and consult a doctor when you get ED symptoms.


Q1. Why is My Husband Not Getting Erect?

There could be various reasons that make it difficult for your husband to get an erection. Make sure if he has any heart disease, diabetes, or any psychological problems like anxiety or stress. It is also possible that your husband is experiencing temporary erectile dysfunction. It happens due to the alcohol drinking or mental state. Consult a doctor if your husband can’t get an erection for a long duration. Not getting an erection for more than 2-3 months can mean erectile dysfunction.

Q2. Will My Erectile Dysfunction Go Away If I Stop Drinking Alcohol?

Yes, it is possible to reverse erectile dysfunction after stopping drinking. It may take some time, but you can get your erection back. However, you can also experience alcohol withdrawal. The symptoms can show it. 

Q3. What is the Fastest Way to Cure Erectile Dysfunction?

You can treat erectile dysfunction by improving your lifestyle. Waking up early, practicing exercise, and eating healthy foods work daily. However, you can also take ED medicines that can help to bring your erection back quickly. These medicines improve the blood flow in the penis and make it easy to get an erection during sex. 

Q4. How Common is Erectile Dysfunction When Drinking?

It is usual to experience temporary erectile dysfunction when drinking. Your brain is not able to provide enough blood, leading to erection problems. However, if you have excessive drinking daily, can increase the risk of long-term erectile dysfunction. Excessive drinking can cause various sexual problems like erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, and low libido.

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