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How Can I Build My Husband’s Confidence in Bed?

Have you been in a phase where you wanted sex so badly, but your partner went directly to bed without even bothering to look into that matter? Well, sometimes that happens due to a lack of confidence in bed. What you see on someone’s face doesn’t always go in the head.

Lack of confidence in bed is a crucial part of sex life, which people tend to ignore. But if not worked on, it can lead to performance anxiety and sexual dysfunction.

In this blog, you will learn about build sexual confidence in bed and tips to help your husband when he is going through this phase. 

What is Sexual Confidence, and Why is it Needed?

Sexual confidence means being sexually confident about how you carry yourself sexually. It is about being confident and comfortable in yourself. Lack of confidence in bed can also lead to performance anxiety. That can cause various sexual problems, including erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation

Sexual confidence can depend on factors like- height, weight, looks, or penis size. Feeling attracted and making a negative opinion about oneself worsens the situation and causes relationship problems. 

Sexual confidence helps with:

Getting closer to your partner: Confidence in bed brings closeness to the partner. When you are confident enough, you tend to initiate things, which makes it easy to come close and avoids awkwardness in bed.

Removing Performance anxiety: Being sexually confident helps with performance anxiety. It removes all the stress and anxiety that may lead to erectile dysfunction.

Communicating more clearly with your partner: Confidence in bed enhances the communication between the partners. It helps to tell the partner about sexual desire and listen to the partner.

Having desired and fulfilled sex: Sexual confidence in bed helps to get better results after sex as it allows the partners to be vulnerable and comfortable with each other.

Ways to Build Husband’s Confidence In Bed

Sharing your thoughts and feelings with your husband makes him understand you. But the lack of confidence can hinder it. Here are some tips to build your husband confidence in bed:

1) Communicate With Him

When you indulge yourself in sex with your partner, you share a vulnerable side. You understand each other. But even after getting close and intimate, you forget to communicate. Communication helps to bring comfort to both of you. Talk to your husband and encourage him to share his fantasies and desires. Tell him about your likings and dislikes, about sex. 

Letting him know about your fantasies will help boost his confidence in bed. Your partner will focus more on those things. It will help to break the ice and get to know his different sides. Make him comfortable to talk about his insecurities. These types of conversations in the bedroom will reduce the tension and allow him to sink into the moment. 

2) Be Calm During Awkward Situations

Many times, something awkward happens in bed. For instance, if your husband loses his erection, don’t react too quickly. Let him sink into the situation and make him understand that it happens. Tell him that sex is not just a way to have an orgasm, but it’s more than that, and losing an erection is okay. That’s no shame.

Bring intimacy in between you and your husband by kissing him or touching him. Hold his hands and talk about something that you both remember about each other. Once he gets comfortable in the situation, it becomes easy to reduce the anxiety or nervousness of your husband. Show your partner that he is not alone and you are with him. 

3) Build Connection With Your Partner

Emotional connection with your husband can make things better in bed. Talk outside the bedroom. Encourage showing love in other forms. Take him on a date and initiate conversations. Make him feel wanted and loved.

Allow him to touch you even when you aren’t involved in a sexual activity. Be playful and explore different things with your partner. Don’t let time fade the bond you had with your husband in the initial years. 

4) Complement Your Husband

Compliments are the best way to increase confidence in the bed. When you compliment someone, it helps the other person to recognize their worth and value themselves. Compliments help them to see what they couldn’t see by themselves. 

Giving compliments to your partner will help him value his body, increasing the intimacy. Compliment him about anything that you like about him. Tell how good he is at some particular things. How uniquely he does something that you adore about him. Letting him know that you love what he does for you increases his confidence in bed and care for you.

5) Encourage Self-Care

A very underrated way to increase confidence in bed is to care about yourself. Taking care of the diet and physical and mental health helps one to work more toward the self. Self-care makes a person believe that they are doing something that they love. 

Motivate your husband to be involved more in these activities. Self-care helps to build a healthy relationship with yourself. 

6) Seek Professional Help When Needed

Lack of sexual confidence is okay when it is in the bedroom and for some time. But when it starts creating relationship conflicts and stress in daily life, it is essential to take the help of professionals. 

Problems like erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation can lead to all these problems. To avoid it, take sex therapy sessions or involve yourself and your partner in couple counselling. Taking to therapists helps to understand the causes and also improves sexual confidence in bed. These therapies help you and your partner by discussing the problem. They also work on mental health.


Building confidence helps in having satisfied sex. Confidence in bed not only helps with performance anxiety, but it also plays a significant role in other daily life tasks. To improve your sex drive, use the mentioned tips and see the difference. Building confidence will take time, but when it comes, it is worth giving all the time. Build a connection with your husband and understand his needs. Just being there for him will boost his confidence in bed

If your husband wants to enhance his sex life but can’t due to sexual problems like erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation, it is time to work together. 

We provide PE and erectile dysfunction treatment online. We make sure the medicines reach your doorstep. If you want to know more about the process, you can visit our page here. It is time to know each other’s sexual insecurities and work on them together. 


1) What are Men Insecure About in Bed?

The size of the penis makes men nervous about their sexual performance in bed. They get worried if they won’t be able to satisfy the needs of their partners. It causes performance anxiety, which leads to erectile dysfunction sometimes. 

2) Why is My Boyfriend Not Confident in Bed?

He may be suffering from sexual anxiety and worried about his performance or confidence in bed. To solve this, try to perform sex in a place with light out. Darkness helps to remove the anxiety about body shame and comforts the partner.

3) When a Man is Weak in Bed?

Various factors can make a man weak in bed. Sometimes, emotions like anxiety and depression take over the fun. Involvement of physical conditions like heart disease can also come in between the sex. These are the psychological factors that may lead to erectile dysfunction.

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