5 Tips To Start Erectile Dysfunction Discussion With Your Partner

5 Tips To Start Erectile Dysfunction Discussion With Your Partner

Erectile Dysfunction DiscussionErections are essential for sex. But when you don’t get one, all the stress, frustration, and anger reflects on you. It not only affects you but also your partner. You spend so many sleepless nights, although the reason to be awakened is not sex but distress. 

When you are suffering all this alone, have you ever done erectile dysfunction discussion with your partner? About your feelings and thoughts?

This article will help you give 5 tips to start erectile dysfunction discussion with your partner

What is Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction is a medical condition when a man can’t get or maintain an erection for sufficient time during a sexual activity. The reason behind this problem is the lack of blood flow in the penis, which hinders the erection. 

What is Erectile Dysfunction?

When you get excited or sexually aroused, the blood pressure in your pelvic area increases, leading to an erection for ejaculation. But for some reason, the blood flow in the penis decreases, and you don’t get an erection or almost no erection. Erectile dysfunction becomes ordinary with growing age. Three major causes of ED in men are physical, psychological, and an unhealthy lifestyle. 

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Why is It Important to Discuss About it?

Why is It Important to Discuss About it | Dealonpill

You Won’t Suffer Alone 

Erectile dysfunction brings distress and takes away sleep. It makes you feel less of a man. The consistent thoughts of not being able to satisfy your partner are devastating. You start to blame yourself, and it leads to frustration. Gradually, you don’t try to get intimate, or worse, end up with a divorce. 

To avoid these consequences, it becomes essential to engage your partner in a thoughtful conversation and start erectile dysfunction discussion. It takes time to accept the situation, but gradually, they start to support you. 

Communication and Understanding

When things go south, a communication gap comes in the relationship. Talking about ED removes that gap. They understand you and try to find solutions together. It takes away the burden of not being good enough sexually. 

Improves Mental Health

There are many causes of ED, and depression is one of them. When you start erectile dysfunction discussion with your partner, you can talk without hesitation. You get mental support, and it helps with low self-esteem and lack of self-confidence. All the negative thoughts become positive when you both start working on the problem together.

How To Start Erectile Dysfunction Discussion With Your Partner – 5 Tips

1) Find the Right Time

Sexual talk is vulnerable when you are in your bedroom. All the dirty lines do the job to get you to remove the clothes. But when discussing something important, it is crucial to observe your partner and find the right time and place. Do not start erectile dysfunction discussion in the bedroom but when your outside. 

Find the Right Time

When you are outside, both of your minds are busy elsewhere and are not vulnerable. Find a time when your partner is less stressed or in a happy mood. Take them on a date or walk in the garden. Slowly, then start erectile dysfunction discussion about past sexual memories. It will help your partner to value the moments you both cherished together in the bed. Bring the topic in between and talk about it. Tell them how much you care for them and how sad you feel.

2) Go with the Facts

Facts and information are very enriching. Research the condition and bring out the facts. Giving information about the problem will make it look less terrible and will bring hope. Educate them about erectile dysfunction. Present them with the facts. 

Go with the Facts | Dealonpill

Tell them how common erectile dysfunction is and how the aging process increases the chances of it. Let them know that it is possible to treat the problem.

3) Be Open and Calm

Don’t get nervous when starting to erectile dysfunction discussion. A marriage is based on trust and respect. Talking your thoughts out will help your partner to understand more about it.

Be Open and Calm | Dealonpill

It will make them feel important and will build trust. Talk calmly and tell them how they mean to you. Openness will be an opportunity to reduce the gap and increase intimacy. 

4) Show Non-Verbal Love

You don’t always have to bring intimacy through sex. Show non-verbal love to your partner and allow them to sinc in with the situation. Spend quality time together and talk about the condition as much as possible. 

Show Non-Verbal Love | Dealonpill

The more you go into the depth of the problem, the more solutions and treatments you will find. Non-verbal love will help you be there with your partner without even talking to them. It will help them understand the situation. Show gestures, kiss them, and help them be normal.

5) Tell Them You Want to Work It Out

Erectile dysfunction creates problems in your sex life, but discussing it with your partner can save the relationship. Tell your partner how much you want to work on it. Learn about the condition and find out the treatment options. Share those options with them and tell them that their support is very important for you. 

Tell Them You Want to Work It Out | Dealonpill

Bring solutions like sex therapy and couple counseling. Ask them to go with you and attend the sessions. It will help to build communication and understand more about the situation. 

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Bottom Line

Erectile dysfunction ruins sex life and invites problems in the relationship. But taking a difficult step to talk to your partner about it can solve these problems. Be brave and discuss the consequences of the conditions. It’s okay to have erectile dysfunction until you want to cure it. 

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