Home Remedies for Early Ejaculation Problems in Men

Home Remedies for Early Ejaculation Problems in Men

Premature ejaculation or early ejaculation problems that men suffer. They get embraced and feel shameful for having it. But it is just a problem, which has various remedies for it. Early ejaculating doesn’t make you any different from other men. 

So, if you really want to work on your process and want to delay it to skip from the embracement, read this article till the end. It will cover the home remedies that you can apply in your daily life to get rid of your early ejaculation problems. 

1) Supplements For Early Ejaculation Problems


Zinc is one of the best supplements when it comes to sexual dysfunction like premature ejaculation. It has several sexual health benefits. It improves male fertility, boosts testosterone, and helps with erectile dysfunction. You can take zinc by adding it to your diet or its supplements. 

Zinc works for premature ejaculation, as it helps to improve testosterone production. Another cause of PE is the early signs of ED. Zinc intake helps to prevent ED and improves sexual performance. You can check our guide on “5 Mindblowing Sexual Benefits of Zinc”.


Another mineral that helps with premature ejaculation is Magnesium. A study in 2006 explored the connection between PE and Magnesium. It involved 38 men with 19 PE patients and 19 serving as a control group. It was found that lower levels of seminal plasma magnesium were associated with premature ejaculation. 

The intake of Magnesium helps with testosterone levels and improves male fertility. You can add it to your diet or take magnesium-rich supplements to enhance its levels. Foods rich in Magnesium are dark chocolate, nuts, seeds, whole grains, and fatty fish. 

Eating these foods will help to prevent early ejaculation problems and reduce the chances of ED. Other minerals that help with PE are calcium, manganese, and selenium.

2) Techniques For Early Ejaculation Problems

Taking supplements improves the ejaculation process. Practicing some techniques can also help with PE and strengthening your sexual health. 

Pelvic Floor Exercises

Pelvic floor exercises, like kegel exercises, are workouts that are used for strengthening the pelvic floor muscles. They help with urination and enhance the bowel. Weak pelvic floor muscles lead to premature ejaculation. 

A study in 2015 suggested that pelvic floor exercises help with PE by improving the intravaginal ejaculatory latency time (IELT). It is beneficial for those who have pelvic floor dysfunction. 

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Stop-Start Strategy

Stop and start is another technique that can help you get relief from premature ejaculation. It functions during the time of orgasm. The technique involves the stopping of the ejaculation as you reach orgasm. 

For instance, you are indulged in sexual intercourse. After some time, you reach an orgasm. As soon as you feel at the top, stop the stimulation and let the orgasm vanish. Continuing this cycle will help to delay the ejaculation and make you aware of its timing. 

However, there are risks attached to this technique. More studies are needed to explore the vastness of this exercise to get the results. 

Squeeze Technique

Squeeze technique treats PE. It works similar to the stop-and-start technique, helping to delay the ejaculation. To perform this technique, you need to come to the stage of getting ejaculation or orgasm. As you feel it, stop the stimulation and squeeze the top of the penis for 30 seconds. 

It will help you feel less aroused and delay the ejaculation. You can perform this technique by yourself or with the help of your partner. The squeeze technique helps to bring control to your ejaculation, which leads to better sex.


Masturbation is a form of self-pleasure. It is a practice that can help with early ejaculation. It is ordinary to masturbate in young men. Masturbation helps to understand your sexual needs and wants, and you get to explore yourself. Masturbation also improves the sexual stamina. 

Masturbating before sex is beneficial for early ejaculation problems. As you masturbate, you enter a refractory period, a period in which it becomes more difficult to reach orgasm until you recover from it. Practicing this technique has various benefits, only if you don’t do it in excessive amounts. 

3) Products For Early Ejaculation Problems

Creams and Wipes

Creams and wipes are usually suggested for men suffering from premature ejaculation. These help to delay ejaculation with the help of anesthetics like benzocaine. 

Benzocaine helps to reduce the sensitivity, which leads to early ejaculation and control over orgasm. You need to apply this 10-15 minutes before sex to numb your penis at the right amount. It reduces the penis sensitivity on the head and shaft, delaying the ejaculation. 

However, it is necessary to take extra care while applying the creams or wipes on the penis. The extra use can cause mild pain, decreased libido, and temporary sensitivity loss. 

Delay Sprays

Another product that helps to overcome early ejaculation problems is delay sprays. Lidocaine is present in the delay sprays, which work similarly to the topical creams. They reduce the sensitivity of the penis, preventing PE. 

As you apply it on your penis a few minutes before the sex, your penis becomes nub and gets no sensations. Due to this, you don’t ejaculate early and last longer in bed. 


Early Ejaculation problems are real, but people like to ignore them until they get worse. By implementing these home remedies, you will take a step forward to face your early ejaculation problems. Take the supplements like zinc and Magnesium. Practice the techniques of pelvic floor exercises, stop-start strategy, and squeeze technique. Apply the products such as creams and sprays to delay the ejaculation.

But if you want to tackle PE and don’t want to get erectile dysfunction, medications are the best way to do that. You can find the right medicines for sexual dysfunction on our website. Learn about the problems and tackle them with bravery.


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