How to Increase Sexual Stamina In Men

How to Increase Sexual Stamina in Men?

Sex and sexual stamina go hand in hand. Great sexual strength allows you to bring intimacy during sex and enjoy it more. It may feel amazing, but it is not easy for many men. Men face problems like premature ejaculation and sexual stamina. If you want to build your sexual endurance and delay your ejaculation for more satisfying sex, read this article till the end. 

We have covered everything from lifestyle changes to the most effective technique for boosting stamina. These six tips will help you with fulfilling sex and enhance sexual performance

6 Tips to Increase Sexual Stamina

1) Regular Exercise

Your body is linked to your sexual stamina. Whether it’s your heart or specific muscles, it’s crucial for the body to work properly. To increase the stamina, work out for 30 minutes in the initial time and gradually increase it to 150 minutes. It will enhance your body’s strength and allow you to enjoy long-lasting sexual intercourse

Here are some exercises that you can practice daily:

  • Weightlifting: It helps in strengthening the muscles of the body.
  • Swimming: It is the best exercise to boost blood flow and enhance the flexibility in the body.
  • Brisk walking: Brisk walking helps in improving cardiovascular health. It reduces the chances of heart disease and elevates blood circulation to the genitals. 
  • Kegel exercise: Kegel exercise is a physical activity focused on strengthening pelvic floor muscles. These are designed primarily to help with erectile dysfunction. 

2) Masturbation

Masturbation is an effective way to improve sexual stamina in the long term. Performing masturbation before sex can enhance your stamina and sexual arousal. When you masturbate, various hormones are released, which helps in getting better stamina than before. Masturbate a few hours before sex for better results. However, masturbating too close before sex can create difficulty in getting an erection during the sexual activity. 

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3) Maintain Healthy Weight

Being overweight or obese increases the chances of erectile dysfunction. It also reduces sexual stamina in men. Maintaining a healthy weight helps with overall body strengthening. Eating healthy food helps in maintaining weight and improves the body’s overall performance. You can learn more about the effects of obesity on sexual health from our blog on Obesity and Erectile Dysfunction

4) Lifestyle Changes

There are many unhealthy habits that you indulge in without even noticing. For instance, excessive intake of alcohol or consistent smoking may provide some enjoyment and escape, but it is temporary. 

These habits impact your sexual stamina. Smoking directly affects the heart and causes several physical conditions, including erectile dysfunction. Nicotine present in tobacco damages the blood vessels and restricts blood circulation in the body. 

Likewise, alcohol intake interferes with the messengers of the brain, making it difficult to provide enough blood flow to the penis. The best way to boost sexual stamina, without medications, is by quitting these unhealthy habits. 

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5) Taking it Slow

The rush and fastness in sex make it enjoyable but can also hinder sexual intimacy and stamina in men. To avoid this, enjoy the moment and take things as slowly as you want. It allows you to sink into the moment and become more aware of the situation, resulting in better sex. Focus more on foreplay. 

Start kissing and touching each other to reduce the nervousness and get hold of the moment. Start slowly and gradually allow yourself to become more intimate, like leveling up with the game. It helps to delay orgasm and increases sexual stamina, giving a better experience of sex. 

6) Practice This Technique

One of the best techniques for delaying the ejaculation is the stop-squeeze method. This method is very effective for staying longer in bed. In this technique, when you feel the urge to ejaculate, stop and squeeze the end of the penis. Hold it for some moments. The urge to ejaculate will pass gradually. You can practice this method with your partner for a better sex experience. 


Building sexual stamina, like any other stamina, takes time. Following the tips mentioned above can help improve stamina and bring better results in bed. To improve sexual performance, you can opt for various ways like exercise, healthy food, and lifestyle changes. 

If you have premature ejaculation, fear not. You are not alone in this. Consult a doctor and discuss the problem. You can take PE pills online with the prescription. We provide erectile dysfunction & premature ejaculation treatments in the USA to help men become more confident and sexually satisfied in bed.

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