Phenergan 25mg (Promethazine)

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It is being used majorly for the treatment of Allergic conditions, Motion sickness, and even sedation

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Nausea and Vomiting


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10 Tablet in 1 Strip

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Phenergan 25mg (Promethazine)
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Detailed Overview: Phenergan Promethazine Tablet

Introducing the first generation Antihistamine‚ÄĒ Phenergan¬†Promethazine hydrochloride, famously sold under the brand name¬†Phenergan. This remedy is not that common of a household name because it is being used majorly for the treatment of Allergic conditions, Motion sickness, and even sedation, which is why it is highly not advisable for children, specifically 2 years or less! This medication belongs to a group named phenothiazines.

Well, leave all this and let us explain to you in normal English! A naturally occurring chemical in your brain named Histamine gets triggered in allergic reactions and even motion sickness, leaving things worse for us. This is why we administer this Antihistamine, which can help us block the effects of that naturally occurring chemical‚ÄĒHistamine!¬†

This Antihistamine is different from the others; in scientific terms, it is known as a drowsy antihistamine [that makes the patient drowsy or very sleepy]. And because of this reason, phenergan promethazine tablets are also getting used for short-term sleep disorders like Insomnia [not overall but specifically when cough or itching keeps you from sleeping]. 

This Drowsy Antihistamine is being sold on most of the online pharmacies under the brand name¬†Phenergan! But as you know, the times of the brand are way behind us because now it’s time for the medicines with the best efficacy and stress-free for pockets like here on Dealonpill! In this manner, before searching¬†promethazine price¬†on the web, you may have a question in mind:¬†Is¬†promethazine over the counter¬†medication?’ and the answer is no because you will require a prescription for that; why? Keep reading, and you’ll get yourselves!

Phenergan Promethazine Tablet Uses

Times when a doctor has to prescribe promethazine hydrochloride
  • Allergic Conjunctivitis
  • Rhinitis
  • Nausea & Vomiting
  • Motion Sickness
  • Sedation
  • Allergic Skin Reaction
  • Anaphylactic Reaction
  • Vertigo
  • Cold, cough, and runny nose

Benefits of Phenergan Promethazine Tablet 

Many people who travel in buses, cars, and different vehicles take a breath of relief. Because these promethazine pills help them to keep their vomiting away, freeing them from the shackles of persistent Nausea and solving their Motion Sickness! For treating symptoms of Allergy, specifically skin rash, runny nose, and persistent itching, this medication is experimental. And when it comes to putting people to sleep [as we’ve discussed above], this Drowsy Antihistamine is far more useful than the rest. It frees people from extreme pain [especially after surgery], making them more relaxed and helping them work better.

  1. Promethazine for Nausea‚ÄĒThis great preventive remedy for Nausea is very helpful while you travel. Take a night before going on a long journey, or 2 hours before the short journey.
  2. Promethazine for sleep‚ÄĒAs we’ve mentioned above quite a few times, it is also known as a drowsy antihistamine because it brings sleep. Very helpful in short-term sleep disorder [Insomnia].
  3. Promethazine for motion sickness‚ÄĒPartner in bag making travel a happy and soothing experience because, with motion sickness, one can’t enjoy the rides.
  4. Promethazine for pain‚ÄĒA great pain reliever‚ÄĒEspecially in times of post-surgical intervention when patients have to suffer from severe pain.¬†Promethazine tablets save the day by keeping the pain away.
  5. Promethazine for anxiety‚ÄĒPeople troubled with anxiousness have found relief and sound sleep with our drowsy Antihistamine.

Instruction: How to Use Phenergan Promethazine tablet 

  • When having an oral dose,¬†Promethazine pills¬†should be consumed with water, milk, or food to minimize the possibilities of GERD [gastro-eoephageal reflux disease].
  • Always follow your doctor’s guidance while consuming the medication. Never chew or break the pill; only consume it as a whole.
  • Make sure to consume the medication on a fixed time to get the best effects you want.
  • How frequently a person should take the medication would be completely based on their weight, age, and body structure.
  • How long you have to continue your doses of¬†these tablets¬†would completely depend on your physiological and medical conditions. In both cases, expert opinion of your doctor would be required.

Precautions: Safety Advice for Phenergan Promethazine tablet 

  • Driving would be highly not recommendable because this drowsy Antihistamine would put you in sleepy mode. With a consciousness level compromised, driving would be risky.
  • Never consume alcohol with this medication, as it will lead you to the trap of adverse effects.
  • You probably have heard that this medication doesn’t go well in Kidney disorders. But here, that’s not the case; this remedy is safe whether the consumer has kidney disease. But for further details, consult your doctor for the best advice.
  • There is no significant risk for your baby; this is why¬†Promethazine tablets¬†are not safe to be used in breast-feeding. But for further details, consult your doctor for the best advice.

Contraindications of This Medication [When not to use]

  • Avoid usage in children below 2 years
  • Avoid Subcutaneous and intra-arterial usage¬†
  • Patients with LRTI, including Asthma
  • State of Coma

Different Strengths of Promethazine

  • promethazine 25mg
  • promethazine 12.5

Promethazine Side Effects: How It Can Affect You?

At times, you should halt the consumption when you begin to have these Side effects given below:

  • Having shallow breathing
  • Irregular Heartbeats
  • Feeling severely drowsy
  • Having feelings of Lightheadedness
  • Have begun to Hallucinate
  • Having a state of Confusion
  • Convulsions [seizure]
  • Troubled swallowing

Missed Dose of Promethazine: What To Do?

Nothing happens when you forget to purchase a single dose of¬†Promethazine over the counter¬†or to consume yesterday’s dose. Just take the dose of today, but do not try to consume an extra one.

Overdose of Promethazine: What To Do?

Well, it’s time to reach for expert medical attention right away.¬†

Where To Buy Promethazine Online In The USA

When you need a medicine to relieve pain or Allergies, you should list them on a leading¬†Online Pharmacy¬†like ours rather than disrupting your schedule and going out to stand in long lines, waiting for your turn to hear, ‘We’re out of stock!’ Save your efforts because you’re going to need them somewhere else! With our expert assistance, save time, save bucks, heal faster, and avoid turn time-consuming pharmacy runs!

Why You Should Buy Promethazine Online From Dealonpill?

A premium chance to bring one of the best lines of treatment for Pain & Sleep, and Allergy medication to your home throughout the United States without losing your comfort. With the best possible offers waiting in line just for you to avail [unlike you waiting in line for medication], we cut off your unnecessary effort and loss of extra money with some clicks on the screen. So when it comes to Buy Promethazine Tablet, stop searching Phenergan Promethazine price and choose Best Deals on Dealonpill.

Store: Phenergan Promethazine 30

  • You can easily store the medication at room temperature, as it is safe, and you can keep it there with no stress at all.¬†
  • Maintain a safe distance‚ÄĒkeep your medication away from the reach of children and, specifically, pets.


Q1. Who can take this medication, and who cannot?

Adults can always take the medication without any fuss in normal physiological conditions, but there are restrictions for children! Hence, it shouldn’t be prescribed for children younger than 2 years. Even for 6-year-olds, containing cough medication should be restricted.

Q2. Can I Buy a Phenergan Promethazine Tablet like any other medication over the counter?

There would be a strict no! Because it can make a person very drowsy, which is why only a doctor can prescribe this medication for the patient’s betterment.

Q3. How long should I have to wait for this medication to come into effect?

Phenergan Promethazine pills are very effective and quick to act. Give it only 20 minutes, and soon, your symptoms will begin to fade away!

Q4. Is alcohol allowed while having a Spegra Tablet?

Never consume alcohol with this medication, as it will lead you to the trap of adverse effects.

Q5. I’ve missed a dose of Phenergan Promethazine. Should I have to worry?

There’s nothing to worry about, as nothing happens when you forget to purchase a single dose of Phenergan¬†Promethazine over the counter¬†or to consume yesterday’s dose. Just have your today’s dose, but do not try to consume an extra one.

Q6. What kinds of payment cards are accepted?

When you’re on a shopping spree to¬†buy Promethazine tablet and have questions about the price, we indeed accept ample credit & debit cards, so you don’t have to worry about payment issues. At your convenience, you can even pay via direct bank transfer.

Q7. How can I get a refund from our pharmaceutical companies in the USA?

Buying some tablets¬†is easy! But if you would have ordered way and now want to return some, then it’s okay. We get it! Please review our refund policy to understand more about getting your money back on your every purchase from our website.


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