Relinquish-M (Artemisinin/Piperaquine)

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Artemisinin / Piperaquine




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4 Tablet in 1 Strip

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Relinquish-M (Artemisinin/Piperaquine)
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What Is Relinquish-M?

Malaria is a burden we still carry on our responsible shoulders, and we are still on a path to beating this fatal disorder to end! And over the path of killing this fatal disorder, we have an angel named Relinquish-Ms! This deadly disorder still exists among us, and the reason for that is female Anopheles Mosquitoes, which are the source of Malaria! 

Though it is a disease of mostly tropical regions, the number of casualties always saddens us that comes from more than 80 countries! In 2022 only there were 249 million Malaria Cases, among which 608000 were casualties! These people we have lost could be saved if they had the proper care for them in terms of Malaria Treatment and access to expert consultation prescribing Malaria Pills like Relinquish-M, and else!

Malaria Symptoms

Before knowing when to take Relinquish-M [Artemisinin & Piperaquine], you have to understand the symptoms of this disorder first! Based on these symptoms indicating Malaria, your Doctor can get an assessment whether you require the expert assistance of Artemisinin & Piperaquine or not! This medication helps you for the betterment, as the threat here ranges from mild to life-threatening!

Mild Symptoms;

  • Fever
  • Chills
  • Headache

Severe Symptoms;

  • Fatigue
  • Confusion
  • Seizures
  • Breathing Difficulty

These symptoms may take time to appear, like 10-15 days after the mosquito bite! So keep noticing any line of abnormality and inform your Doctor right away, so they can help you prevent and cure it!

Relinquish-M Uses

How Does Relinquish-M Work?

Among the best Malaria Pills, Relinquish-M comes forward as a sensational medication to cure Malaria and provide proper healing to the body! As it comes with a dual combination of Artemisinin & Piperaquine so, let’s break it down to understand each of them with their action! 

So first, we will take Piperaquine, which is an antiparasitic medication that is used for treating malaria malaria! It kills and stops malarial parasites and puts an end to its spread! The amazingness of this medicine for killing rapidly increasing Malaria Gametocytes, specifically in areas with a high carrying rate, is on another level! Specifically, it has a higher efficacy in treating Falciparum malaria!

On the other hand, another antimalarial drug comes with antipyretic properties and has acquired a place among the most crucial medications used in antimalarial therapy! Together, they have been proven fruitful in curing Malaria, so now let’s take a dip into the ‘How To Take Relinquish-M‘ kind of thing!

Instructions: How To Take Relinquish-M?

  • Take the exact doses advised by your Doctor, and never exceed the consumption against your Doctor’s advice!
  • Take this medication that contains Artemisinin & Piperaquine both with water only; and specifically an empty stomach.
  • Never begin to skip your regular doses, even when you have begun to feel healthy; always finish your course as your Doctor has explained it to you!
  • Use preventive methods like utilizing mosquito repellent creams or fully covering your body so the mosquito won’t get any chances to bite you!
  • Wear clothes of light color and ones that provide you with proper covering over the body, specifically when you’re going outside or after sunset!

When To Avoid Relinquish-M?

  •  Don’t use this medication to treat another disease other than Malaria, and please consult your Doctor before having these pills!
  • In pregnancy, this medication can be unsafe to use, as the studies have shown harmful effects on the unborn child! So consult your Doctor for an alternative!
  • One should be cautious about consuming Artemisinin & Piperaquine while breastfeeding, or the breastfeeding should be stopped until the antimalarial treatment is completed!
  • Notifying all kidney patients to use this drug with extra precautions, as the doses must be assigned differently for these abnormal conditions!
  • Notify all liver patients to use Relinquish-M with extra precautions; the doses need to be assigned differently for these abnormal conditions!

Relinquish-M Side Effects

There are some adverse effects of the medication that we will be listing below, but they have occurred mostly in uncommon conditions! However, when they keep persisting for a longer time, inform your Doctor about them for the solution and stay secure and healthy!

  • Nausea
  • Irregular Heart Rate
  • Coughing on & off
  • Shortness of breath
  • Palpitations
  • Seizures

Missed Dose

One can take the missed dose soon if it’s not overlapping with the upcoming one! Because double dosing, or any kind of overdosing, should be avoided at all costs!


Take the precise dose which has been advised by your Doctor because taking more than you have prescribed can be risky for your health! However, if one has already been overdosed, then they should reach for medical care in the meantime!

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Q1. What Is Artemisinin Used For?

It’s an antimalarial medication that kills and stops malarial parasites and puts an end to the spread of rapidly increasing Malaria Gametocytes!

Q2. Is Piperaquine Same As Chloroquine?

Not exactly the same, but yes, it’s way more similar than any other antimalarial medication, as it comes way stronger to kill the malarial gametocytes than else!

Q3. Where Can I Buy Relinquish-M?

A place where you can get your medication with great timely delivery and great offers; yes, we are talking about DealonPill!

Q4. Is Relinquish-M Safe For Kidney Patients?

As per the expert guidance, kidney patients should consult their doctors first before starting such medication, as there can be health complications!


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