Tadalafil CT 20 mg(Vidalista CT)

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Tadalafil CT: Class 5 PDE inhibitor, boosts cGMP hormones in the blood.

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Erectile Dysfunction


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Tadalafil CT 20 mg(Vidalista CT)
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Almost every 7 men out of 10 have erectile dysfunction. It is considered one of the most common sexual problems where people fail to achieve the desired penile hardness, even when it is sexually stimulated. There are numerous reasons why the penile muscles fail to achieve hardness. 

For instance, if the brain fails to release neurotransmitters responsible for triggering vasodilation in the blood vessels carrying oxygenated blood to the penis, it will be difficult to get an erection. Similarly, if there is any temporary block in the blood vessel connected with the penile muscles, it can lead to the symptoms of erectile dysfunction. 

Therefore, treating the health condition is necessary, especially since erectile dysfunction can affect sexual and social lives. Out of most medicines available on the market, Vidalista CT has proven to be way more effective in suppressing the symptoms of ED and helping achieve the desired penile hardness. 

Working of Vidalista CT

Vidalista CT is a class 5 PDE inhibitor drug. It is responsible for increasing the concentration of cGMP hormones in the blood. These further trigger vasodilation in certain blood vessels only, especially the ones connected to the penis. As a result, the blood flow increases, ensuring the muscle tissues in the penis can receive more oxygen and nutrients. With the block removed temporarily from the blood flow, the penile muscles easily contract and help achieve an erection. 

The drug is also responsible for maintaining penile hardness for a long time. In other words, it keeps the blood vessels dilated for approximately 36 hours to ensure the penis can stay erect without any further hassle. Since Vidalista CT does not cause systemic vasodilation, it is a much safer option for everyone. 

When and how to take Vidalista CT?

Vidalista CT is a soft chewable tablet, which is much different than the usual hard pills found under the brand name. It has a gelatinous gel in the core, further surrounded by a soft shell. Following are some of the benefits of taking this chewable tablet from Vidalista. 

  1. Its soft gelatinous outer coating gets dissolved easily, ensuring the main ingredient mixes with blood much faster.
  2. Also, it is easy for the body to digest these chewable pills. Therefore, the probability of indigestion is reduced greatly. 

Most doctors prescribe a single dosage of the drug to treat erectile dysfunction temporarily and help achieve penile hardness. It can be taken with food or without since the pill’s efficacy usually doesn’t depend on the food intake. Also, it should be noted here that the pill needs to be taken at least half an hour before performing any sexual activity since the ingredient, tadalafil, will need some time to trigger the vasodilation process and increase the blood flow to the penile muscles.  

In what ways can Vidalista CT help?

From the above explanations, it’s evident that Vidalista CT is primarily taken to remove the block in the blood vessels carrying oxygenated blood to the penis. However, the medicine has proven to be more beneficial for people with erectile dysfunction. Considering this, the benefits of taking this drug have been discussed below. 

  1. Vidalista CT helps enhance the sexual libido in men since tadalafil can make the penis erect for 36 hours long. 
  2. It prevents people from facing embarrassment thanks to its ability to reduce the chances of delayed or premature ejaculation. 
  3. If someone is suffering from infertility or sterility due to prolonged erectile dysfunction, Vidalista CT can help reverse the condition. In other words, it increases the chances of reproduction in men. 

What precautions to follow with Vidalista CT?

Vidalista CT is a safe drug to consume to mitigate the symptoms of erectile dysfunction. However, every person consuming this drug should be aware of certain facts discussed below as a precautionary measure. 

  1. First, alcohol consumption is strictly prohibited when the person is on Vidalista CT drug. This is because alcohol can interfere with the working of tadalafil and reduce the drug’s efficacy. 
  2. Even though there is no strict diet restriction for people taking Vidalista CT, avoiding a fat-rich meal before taking the pill would be best. 
  3. Also, one must remember that Vidalista CT is not the ultimate or permanent cure for erectile dysfunction. Rather, it removes the block from blood flowing to the penis and helps achieve an instant erection. 

What is the right dosage of Vidalista CT?

As most doctors prescribe, the right dosage of Vidalista CT is a single pill of 20 grams in 24 hours. Taking any further dosage within this time limit should be prohibited as it leads to overdosage and can bring in more health complications. As for a missed dosage, there is nothing to worry about since the regular dosage can be resumed the day after. If the person shows symptoms of overdosage, consulting the doctor is the most appropriate course of action. 

What are other alternatives to Vidalista CT?

Some of the best alternatives to Vidalista CT are as follows: 

  1. Generic Viagra 
  2. Cenforce

Is there any side effect to Vidalista CT?

Despite Vidalista CT being a safe drug, it can cause certain side effects, like: 

  • Muscle fatigue and soreness
  • Allergy and skin rashes
  • Reduced blood pressure
  • Bloating and indigestion
  • Vomiting and nausea

Why Buy Vidalista CT Online from us online in the USA?

We have one of the largest sellers of Vidalista, CT, in the USA. Our online pharmacy store is authenticated and licensed to deal with these drugs. So, there is nothing to be worried about the legality and safety of the medicine. Apart from this, our online store offers attractive discounts on most purchases involving Vidalista CT, which is why you can save a lot on your purchase. 


1. Can I take two tablets of Vidalista CT?

No, it is not recommended to take two tablets of Vidalista CT within 24 hours, as that can lead to overdosing, thereby causing numerous health problems. 

2. Is it safe to take Vidalista CT if the person is detected for hypertension?

Vidalista CT contains tadalafil, which does not have any impact on the systemic blood vessels. It mainly triggers vasodilation in the vessels connected to the lungs and penis, so it won’t cause the blood pressure to change abruptly.

3. How long does the effect of Vidalista CT last?

Vidalista CT can help the penis to stay erect for 36 hours without any chances of placidness.


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