Vysov D 100mg/5mg (Vildagliptin/Dapagliflozin)

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Vildagliptin / Dapagliflozin


Type 2 Diabetes


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100mg + 5mg


10 Tablets in 1 Strip

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Vysov D 100mg/5mg (Vildagliptin/Dapagliflozin)
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What Is Vysov D 100mg/5mg?

The persistent surge of the burden caused by Diabetes is just too much, and this disorder is solely becoming responsible for the drooping of shoulders even at a young age! But one can walk with broad shoulders again with the help of Vysov D 100mg/5mg! Under the shade of this fantastic antidiabetic medication, the health of many diabetic people has been flourishing well!

Here, we are going to understand the fact that why people have so much burden because of this chronic disorder named Diabetes and how Vysov D 100mg/5mg comes with two amazing antidiabetics named Vildagliptin & Dapagliflozin! So let’s begin with Diabetes, an abnormal condition where a person’s body consistently fails to produce sufficient insulin! 

Because of these low insulin levels, there is no one to look out for blood sugar levels, and as expected, they go robust and create new health threats like Persistent fatigue, excessive urination, blurred vision, and excessive thirst!

Diabetes And The United States

One can’t imagine the number of people who are experiencing these many potential threats listed above just because of Diabetes! In the United States alone, there are already 38 million people living under the burden of Diabetes, which almost makes up 11.6% of the US Population! These vast numbers surely are depressing, and that is precisely why we need the medical assistance of this mobo medication, which is made of Vildagliptin & Dapagliflozin!

Vysov D 100mg/5mg Uses

Benefits Of Vysov D 100mg/5mg 

Dapagliflozin is an SGLT2 [sodium glucose cotransporter], which is FDA-approved for managing Type 2 Diabetes! It helps by blocking glucose reabsorption from the nephron and causing glycosuria [sugar in urine]. It excretes the glucose and controls the sugar levels in the bloodstream! Before searching the Dapagliflozin Cost, we want to tell you that it is an active component in Vysov D 100mg/5mg!

Another active component is Vildagliptin, which is a DPP-4 [dipeptidyl peptidase-4] inhibitor, and by blocking the actions of DPP-4, it boosts insulin secretion for managing high blood sugar levels! These amazing effects of Vysov D 100mg/5mg work wonders for keeping blood sugar levels in check. Moving further, let’s understand the basic instructions on ‘how to consume this antidiabetic medication!’

Instructions: How do you take Vysov D 100mg/5mg?

  • This Antidiabetic medication is completely prescription-based and should not be taken or advised without Doctor’s consultation!
  • Per your Doctor’s thorough diagnosis, they can advise you on either a single antidiabetic or combo medication like this one!
  • Lifestyle choices and what you consume in your diet still play a significant role in control even after you have been consuming this marvelous medication for controlling your high blood sugar!
  • Always take your regular doses of Vysov D with, before, or after the meal as your Doctor has prescribed so you can cut out the possibility of experiencing an upset stomach!
  • One should keep this thing in mind that starts and holds the consumption only when your Doctors tell you so!

When To Avoid Vysov D 100mg/5mg?

  • In chronic conditions like kidney problems, liver problems, UTI [urinary tract infection], or when one is on Diuretics, one should first inform the Doctor! Only after their approval should one start consuming these pills!
  • When a woman is pregnant or planning to be pregnant, she should have a consultation with her Doctor regarding the consumption of this medication!
  • Alcoholic patients should avoid this habit because, with this antidiabetic medication, there can be possible adverse effects!

Vysov D 100mg/5mg Side Effects

The thing with Vysov D 100mg/5mg or any other antidiabetic medication is that they provide great effects, but they also have some uncommon side effects that are given below:

  • Persistent headache 
  • Generalised Weakness
  • Feeling Dizzy
  • Trembling in the four limbs
  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Excessive sweating
  • Hypoglycemia [Low level of blood sugar]
  • GERD [gastroesophageal reflux disease]

Missed Dose

Missing a dose of the pill containing Vildagliptin & Dapagliflozin can happen sometimes, but you can take it soon if it’s already not the time for another one! Moreover, if there’s any possibility arises where you have to consume two pills, then don’t! Always take a single pill!


One should never overdose because it can put you at risk of extremely abnormally low blood pressure, so be regular with your regular dosage! And when you have done already, then get to the emergency care in the meantime!

Buy Vysov D 100mg/5mg Online From Your Online Pharmacy Store!

If you ever need to buy Vysov D 100mg/5mg, which has both Dapagliflozin and Vildagliptin, you don’t have to search Dapagliflozin Cost or anything else! Today, we’ll tell you how simple it is! You can easily get these pills online by just visiting DealonPill and searching for them.

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  • Then, go to add items to your cart and select “Checkout.”
  • After selecting your payment option and entering all the necessary information, upload your prescription file.
  • Before moving on, please confirm all of the credentials twice.
  • When the “Place Your Order” button appears, click it.


Drug Interactions

  • The mechanism of Acetaminophen can be affected when taken with Dapagliflozin.
  • The mechanism of Acyclovir can be affected when taken with Dapagliflozin.

Food Interactions: Excessive or moderate amounts of alcohol should be avoided, as it may cause adverse effects!


Q1. What Is Dapagliflozin Used For?

To lower high blood sugar levels so the body can be kept safe from the complications of Diabetes!

Q2. How Does Dapagliflozin Work In Heart Failure?

It excretes the high blood sugar levels through the urine, aka decreases the glucose volume, and that is how it eases the heart by cutting off its load to pump much more smoothly!

Q3. When To Take Vildagliptin?

The best time for consuming Vildagliptin is in the morning [if you’re prescribed with a single daily dose] and another one in the evening [if you’re advised to take it twice a day]!

Q4. How Long Does Vildagliptin Take To Work?

Reaching the bloodstream and beginning its act can take some time; a medication may take some time; as per the experts, it’s 1.7 hours!

Q5. Does Vysov D 100mg/5mg Cause Weight Loss?

In the case of Vildagliptin, not in general, but in the patients with already low baseline glycemia, there can be some weight loss! Meanwhile, Dapagliflozin does cause weight loss as it induces sugar loss through urine!


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