Temporary Erectile Dysfunction

Temporary Erectile Dysfunction: Causes and Treatments

Have you wondered if your ED could be situational? Or Have you ever experienced ED on some occasions but after it never appeared? Don’t worry, it can be a sign of temporary erectile dysfunction or situational erectile dysfunction.

ED is sometimes mistaken for a long-term problem. However, if diagnosed at the right time, you can cure temporary erectile dysfunction. 

Many factors can contribute to temporary ED, including anxiety and depression. In this blog, you will find in-depth information about temporary ED, its causes, and treatment. Changes you can bring in your lifestyle to prevent erectile dysfunction and the best medications for it. 

What is Temporary Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction is a sexual impairment in which men do not achieve or sustain an erection during sexual intercourse. This problem affects 52% of men worldwide. The prevalence of erectile dysfunction is becoming very common. 

What is Temporary Erectile Dysfunction

Moreover, when a person experiences erectile dysfunction temporarily, it is called temporary ED. In this condition, the symptoms come and go without staying consistent. Thus, it makes it difficult to diagnose. 

Temporary erectile dysfunction happens due to lifestyle choices or any underlying physical condition. Sometimes, due to excessive drinking, you can experience ED, while other nights may not. Short-term erectile dysfunction can be temporary or situational.

Are Temporary and Situational ED the Same?

Situational erectile dysfunction can occur on some particular occasions. Psychological issues like anxiety, high stress, or relationship problems can cause situational ED. Additionally, temporary ED is a condition when a person experiences sexual dysfunction on multiple occasions. 

When symptoms stay for the long term, it may cause temporary ED. However, you can improve temporary ED by bringing some lifestyle changes or taking medications. 

What are Some Causes of Temporary Erectile Dysfunction?

Multiple reasons can cause erectile dysfunction. Starting from mild symptoms, these signs increase over time. While some symptoms may fade away and some become permanent. Psychological factors contribute to temporary erectile dysfunction. They affect your sexual health emotionally, which makes it difficult to get an erection on some occasions. 

What are Some Causes of Temporary Erectile Dysfunction

Psychological factors include:

Temporary ED is also caused by the high consumption of porn. When you consume excessive porn daily, you may have high chances of porn-induced erectile dysfunction. It plays with your brain and makes it hard to develop an erection. 

Furthermore, several physical conditions can be the reason for erectile dysfunction. Some underlying conditions hinder the blood circulation in your genitals and create problems for developing an erection when you are sexually aroused. 

Physical conditions that can cause ED include:

What are the Treatment Options for Temporary ED?

Treatment for temporary ED is mostly the same as for erectile dysfunction. Several medications help in treating temporary erectile dysfunction. Additionally, you can also choose some coping strategies to get rid of temporary ED without any medications. 

1) Medications for Erectile Dysfunction

Oral pills help to improve the blood flow in the penis and treat erectile dysfunction. These medicines are PDE5 inhibitors, which relax the muscles and arteries in the pelvic area. It makes it easier to get or maintain an erection during sex. 

Medications for Erectile Dysfunction

Medications for erectile dysfunction include:

  • Sildenafil: It is present in Viagra or generic Viagra, i.e., Cenforce. It helps in boosting the blood flow in the penis during sexual activity. 
  • TadalafilL: It is an active component in Cialis or a generic Cialis as Fildena. It makes it easy to get a better erection in an hour. 

It is essential to have a prescription for them to buy these medications. Consult a doctor to get diagnosed and a prescription to buy these medicines. We provide generic drugs for erectile dysfunction treatment. 

2) Therapy for ED

ED caused by psychological problems, like anxiety or stress, can be treated with therapy easily. CBT, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, is a therapy that approaches the behavioral part. This therapy works on understanding the behavioral symptoms that can cause erectile dysfunction. Therapy helps with self-esteem and releases anxiety. 

Therapy for ED

You can also opt for sex therapy or couple counseling if relationship issues are the main reason for ED. You can read our guide to overcoming ED with sex therapy. 

3) Coping Strategies

Erectile dysfunction takes away all the fun parts of sex. The consistent fear of erection problems results in stress and anxiety. To solve this issue, you can use some coping strategies. It will help in getting a better erection along with the treatments. 

Coping Strategies

Some coping techniques that you can use are:

  • Lifestyle Changes: It is crucial to maintain physical and mental health. You can do it by quitting some unhealthy and adding some healthy habits to your lifestyle. Smoking and excessive drinking destroy sex life without even noticing. So, if you smoke, quit. Perform regular exercise and eat healthy food. Kegel exercise is primarily designed to prevent erectile dysfunction. 
  • Communication with Partner: It is hard to implement, but communicating with your partner can solve 70% of the problem. Sometimes, tiny problems convert into big ones because of communication gaps. Sex is not just about orgasm but also it’s about intimacy and love. Talk to your partner about your problem and find solutions together. Practice another form of intimacy like foreplay, kissing, and touching. 
  • Mindfulness Meditation: Meditation helps in relaxing the brain and calming the mind. It strengthens mental health. It helps to connect with yourself and gives you time to figure out the situation. You can do yoga, meditation, or deep breathing exercises. 


Temporary ED is a common problem and is treatable. Don’t stress on it; instead, work on it. Practice exercise regularly. It not only helps with erectile dysfunction but also boosts erectile health. Eat healthy food and practice mindfulness meditation. You can overcome temporary ED with medicines, lifestyle changes, and therapy. 


Q1. Can you get temporary erectile dysfunction?

Yes, it is normal to experience temporary erectile dysfunction. It is short-term and has treatments for it. This problem occurs when you cannot get an erection during sex only occasionally. 

Q2. How long does temporary erectile dysfunction last?

You can believe it is a temporary ED when the symptoms improve in 6 months. Generally, temporary ED happens due to some underlying medications or health conditions. Once you stop taking pills or treat the condition, you can see an improvement in the erection problems.

Q3. How do you recover from temporary erectile dysfunction?

Some medications can help with temporary ED. Additionally, you can bring some lifestyle changes like regular exercise, intake of healthy food, or quitting smoking. These habits are beneficial in coping with temporary erectile dysfunction and also help in preventing ED in the long term. 

Q4. Why do I suddenly have erectile dysfunction?

This condition is called situational ED. It can occur due to heavy work stress, anxiety, performance anxiety, or depression. Sometimes, due to side effects of some medication, you can experience ed. If the symptoms stay for a longer period or more than six months, it is crucial to consult a doctor and discuss the problem.

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