The Role of Nitric Oxide Supplements in Your Erectile Health

The Role of Nitric Oxide Supplements on Your Erectile Health

Have you ever tried nitric oxide supplements for erectile dysfunction? Erectile dysfunction is a common problem that around 40 million men suffer. Nitric oxide plays a vital role in the erection process, that you can improve by taking the supplements. 

This article will focus on the role of nitric oxide on your erectile health and what are the supplements that you can take to improve your erectile functioning. So, if you don’t know about nitric oxide and its importance, read this article till the end.

What is Nitric Oxide?

Nitric oxide is a colorless gas that plays a crucial role in the body. It is a naturally generated gas inside your body. It works as a chemical messenger for many bodily functions. The main function of nitric oxide is that it helps with neurotransmission and supports the nervous system. It also helps in releasing hormones, like growth hormones. 

Nitric oxide helps to improve the blood flow in the body by diluting the blood vessels. It is also known as a vasodilator as it improves the blood flow in the body, including the genitals. 

Benefits of Nitric Oxide

  • Vasodilation: Nitric oxide supplements help to open the blood vessels. They relax the smooth muscle cells and enhance the blood flow in the body.
  • Hypertension: Nitric oxide widens the blood vessels, making it easier to reduce the blood pressure in the heart. The intake of NO supplements helps people with high blood pressure. 
  • Erectile Dysfunction: The enhancement of blood flow with the intake of nitric oxide supplements helps the penis to get sufficient blood during sexual intercourse. It helps to get an erection for a longer duration.
  • Heart Health: The improved nitric oxide level reduces the chances of getting heart disease. The improved blood flow makes the heart healthier. NO is also helpful for type-2 diabetic patients. 

How Do Nitric Oxide Supplements Help with Erectile Health?

Deficiency of nitric oxide can cause various problems. It affects the erectile health. Lack of NO makes it difficult to get an erection during sex. Intake of nitric oxide supplements increases the NO level in the body, resulting in better erection. 

Nitric oxide supplements include:

1. Arginine

L-arginine is one of the best herbal supplements to improve erectile dysfunction. It is an amino acid, which transforms into nitric oxide in the body. In a study, the researchers took 56 men and divided them in half. They asked one half to take L-arginine and the other placebo. The results showed that L-arginine reduced the blood sugar level and improved cholesterol. 

Intake of arginine helps to improve the blood flow in the body including the genitals. It enhances the working of the blood vessels. L-arginine also reduces the chances of heart disease, which becomes a cause of erectile dysfunction. 

2. Citrulline

L-citrulline is another supplement that helps men with erectile dysfunction. It converts into L-arginine after its intake and then into nitric oxide. It helps with the heart and blood vessel health. It also improves the immunity system. 

A study explored the impact of L-citrulline supplements on ED patients. The conversion of L-citrulline into L-arginine improves the nitric oxide pathway for penile erection. The results showed a vital improvement in the erection hardness and number of intercourses. 

The researchers believe that intake of citrulline works well for mild to moderate erectile dysfunction. However, more studies are required to understand the use of L-citrulline on the body. 

3. Nitrates

Nitrates are the medications that are beneficial for heart conditions like high blood pressure. They help to open the blood vessels and improve the blood flow in the body. Nitrates are also recommended for ED patients. 

The intake of nitrate improves blood circulation in the pelvic area, making it easier to get a long-lasting erection during intercourse. Several studies support the positive results of nitrate for improving erectile health. 

4. Antioxidants

Antioxidants mainly work to prevent the cell damage in the body. They can be man-made or natural. Some antioxidants are vitamin C, vitamin E, vegetables, and fruits. They control the free radicals in the body and increase the nitric oxide levels. It helps to enhance the blood flow in the penis, resulting in a stronger erection. 

People with ED use this supplement to boost their erectile health and get firm erections. In a recent study, the researchers took 1000 men and asked them to take antioxidants and PDE5 inhibitors. The results showed that the combination of the standard ED treatment and intake of antioxidants helped to improve erectile dysfunction. 

Risks and Side Effects of Nitric Oxide

Nitric oxide supplements are helpful for erection and erectile dysfunction. However, it is crucial to know the harmful effects of the supplements that can cause various problems. Below are some side effects of NO supplements that you need to make sure before taking them.

  • More than 9 g of Arginine or Citrulline causes diarrhea or stomach problems
  • Avoid taking the supplements if you have low blood pressure
  • Intake of supplements can cause headaches and nausea

If you have any health condition like heart problem or chest pain, make sure to talk to your doctor. 


Nitric oxide supplements help to improve erectile functioning. More research is required to understand the full concept of nitric oxide supplements on sexual dysfunction. L-arginine, L-citrulline, nitrates, and antioxidants are present in the nitric oxide supplements.

They help in getting a better erection and improve the blood circulation in the body. They also help prevent heart disease. If you have erectile dysfunction and want to treat it, nitric oxide supplements can help with that.

There are alternative treatments are also available like ED medicines, and lifestyle changes. You can find a large variety of medicines on our website


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