Watermelon and Erectile Dysfunction 4 Surprising Sexual Benefits

Watermelon and Erectile Dysfunction: 4 Surprising Sexual Benefits

You know watermelon is a juicy fruit you eat during the hot summer, but do you know that this fruit can help with getting a juicy erection? Having erectile dysfunction is distressing. It embraces people and lowers their self-esteem. Sexual dysfunction is usual and yet embraced by many people. Various ways can help to treat erectile dysfunction.

One of the natural ways to cope with this problem is eating watermelon. Watermelon is known for its hydrating power, but it can treat sexual dysfunction, too. This blog will cover the four surprising sexual benefits of watermelon with studies backed up. You will learn how much watermelon can have a positive impact and how much can cause problems.

Studies on Watermelon and Erectile Dysfunction

Watermelon has numerous health benefits. It contains 90% of water, which helps in hydrating the body. But now let’s learn how watermelon can help with erectile dysfunction.

A study published in 2014 investigated the impact of red watermelon flesh extract on male behavior using rats. The extract was processed for 22 days. 

When the results came, it showed an increment in the mating behavior and decreased latency periods. The study supported the potential use of watermelon flesh to enhance male potency. 

One of the characteristics of watermelon is that it improves male fertility and sexual functioning. A recent study shows that watermelon helps to enhance sexual function. It has positive effects on the semen quality, erectile function reversal, and testicular health. 

Watermelon has antioxidants, including vitamins, which contribute to these benefits. As the semen quality increases, the sperm improves, and male fertility is enhanced. 

Research conducted in 2014 aimed to understand the impact of Citrullus lanatus, also known as a watermelon, as an antioxidant on male fertility. The researchers studied for four weeks, and the results showed a significant increase in serum testosterone. 

The study concluded a positive effect of watermelon on testosterone levels. However, more research is required to explore the fertility-related benefits of watermelon. 

Another study explored the effects of watermelon juice supplementations on nitric oxide levels and exercise performance in 2016. The researchers gave eight healthy adults watermelon juice for 16 days. The result showed an increase in nitrate levels, citrulline, and arginine. 

It helped with nitric oxide and muscle oxygenation during moderate-intensity exercise.

These studies show the importance of watermelon for men. Daily intake of the flesh or juice of watermelon can help with erectile dysfunction by improving testosterone levels, male fertility, and nitric oxide. 

4 Surprising Sexual Health Benefits

1) Improves Erection

Erectile dysfunction is a common sexual condition that men suffer in their late 40s. This condition makes it difficult to get an erection during sexual intercourse. To treat erectile dysfunction, men take various ED medicines and get their erections back. 

Watermelon works as a natural remedy for ED and improves the blood flow in the penis. Citrulline present in the watermelon helps to increase the blood flow in the pelvic area by expanding the blood vessels. As you eat the watermelon, it improves the blood quality and oxygenates it. 

2) Improves Male Fertility

The centered part of male fertility is the quality of sperm. Watermelon helps to improve the semen quality. It contains a high amount of zinc in it. Zinc is a mineral that is beneficial for sperm quality and male fertility. 

Additionally, watermelon is also rich in antioxidants. Lycopene, an antioxidant, helps to reduce the oxidative stress. The stress causes damage to the fatty tissues, protein, and DNA in the body. Watermelon enhances sperm quality and boosts male fertility. 

3) Boosts Testosterone Production

Testosterone is a sex hormone that plays a vital role in getting an erection during sex. Low testosterone production leads to sexual dysfunction like ED and PE. Watermelon provides a high amount of zinc in the body, which helps to enhance testosterone production

As testosterone level increases, you experience better erection. It also helps with hormonal imbalance in men, which is one of the reasons for erectile dysfunction in young men. Watermelon juice supplements enhance blood flow and help in getting a better erection.

4) Enhances Libido

Eating watermelon has another sexual benefit. It improves the sex drive (libido). The citrulline in the watermelon relaxes the blood vessels, which contributes to getting a healthy erection. The relaxation helps to improve the blood flow. 

Furthermore, the high water percentage in watermelon keeps the body hydrated. It improves the overall functioning of the body and also shows positive results in sexual health.

Is Watermelon a Natural Viagra

You would have heard this a lot that watermelon is a natural Viagra. Viagra is branded medicine that helps to treat erectile dysfunction in men by improving the blood flow in the penis. The enhanced blood flow during sex makes it easy to get an erection and treats ED. 

Watermelon has multiple health benefits. Various studies have found it beneficial. It improves testosterone production and also helps with erectile dysfunction. 

With all its sexual benefits, we can say that watermelon can work as a natural Viagra. As it fulfills the main functions of Viagra by increasing the blood flow in the penis. 

study concluded that watermelon can be an alternative treatment for mild to moderate ED. L-citrulline present in it has the potential to improve erection, and it is safe to use. If you take watermelon in the right amount, it can help prevent and treat erectile dysfunction. 

How to Add Watermelon to Your Diet?

If you want to add watermelon to your diet to see its results, you can drink its juice every day. Making watermelon juice is the easiest way to take it in your diet. It is easy to make and does not take much time to drink it.

You can also slice the watermelon and take one slice every time. You can make a watermelon smoothie and enjoy the taste. Another option is to take supplements that are rich in citrilline or arginine. These supplements are available online and in stores.

Having watermelon in your diet is beneficial, but excessive intake can cause various side effects. Eat the right amount of watermelon to ensure you don’t catch its negatives.

According to the USDA food database, a person can have 250 to 300 grams in a day. This calorie fruit will help build your immunity, strengthen your sexual health, and help you get a firm erection.


Watermelon helps with erectile dysfunction. It improves testosterone levels, enhances male fertility, and increases blood flow in the pelvic area. Watermelon has several other health benefits, too. The fruit is good for health, maintains a healthy weight, and is also helpful for the eyes. 

So, if you have erectile dysfunction, eat watermelon daily. You can also take ED medicines. We provide generic Viagra for erectile dysfunction, which enhances the blood flow and brings your erection right when needed. 


Q1. How much watermelon should I eat for erectile dysfunction?

You need to eat 3 1/2 cups of diced watermelon per day. This amount of watermelon will complete the level of L-citrulline found in supplements. Eat watermelon daily to get the best natural results.

Q2. Is watermelon good for men with ED?

Watermelon has several health benefits. It keeps your body hydrated and is also beneficial for your heart. Studies also show that watermelon has the qualities of Viagra, which helps with erectile dysfunction. It contains citrulline, which relaxes blood vessels and improves the erection.

Q3. Is watermelon good for sperm?

Watermelon can enhance male fertility. It does that by enhancing testicular redox status and improving sperm quality. 

Q4. Which Fruit is Similar to Viagra?

Watermelon is also popular as a natural Viagra. Viagra is a medicine that helps to treat erectile dysfunction.

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