Drug Policy

Drug policy is the policy made to control the addicted drug. It makes sure about the demand and supply of the drugs in the right way. 

DealOnPill has a drug policy and we advise you to go through it.

Drug Approval Process

At DealOnPill, we ensure that the drugs that we are providing to our customers are of the best quality and do not contain any hazardous contents. We go through a drug approval process where every drug goes through a process, where everything is tested and then approved. 

A team of physicians and chemists is sent to the industry where all the drugs are manufactured. The experts ensure drug processing and testing. If the drug seems unbiased then it is approved. 

Drug Side Effects

Every drug when tested goes through a process. But a drug has its side effects. That is why we, at DealOnPill, advise you to consult with your doctor before purchasing any product from our site. 

Hence, if you suffer from any side effects of the purchased drugs, DealOnPill is not held accountable for it. Make sure that you skim the information present on the product before purchasing it.

Drug Efficacy

DealOnPill does not assure you of the effects of the drug that you purchased from our website. Please make sure that you go through the contents and information on the drug and then purchase it. 

If you do not get any result from the purchased medicine, DealOnPilll won’t be responsible for it. We remind you that the content present on DealOnPill is not for any advice or consultation. The information is used only for marketing purposes.

Use of Generic Medicines

DealOnPill largely provides generic medicines. Generic medicines are medicines that are used in place of branded medicines without lowering the quality and strength of the drug. These medicines are very common to find and provide the effect at a lower price. 

When any new drug is made, the company receives a patent for it. This patent lasts only for 20 years. Once the patent is expired, a generic version of the medicine is produced. This medicine or drug provides the same effect as the original drug.

The biggest reason to use generic medicine is the price of the drug. Generic medicines are 20-70% cheaper than the original drugs. These drugs are approved by FDA and do not provide any harm.

Pricing Policy

The pricing of the drugs available on our DealOnPill variable can be changed according to the needs. 

We have the right to change the price of the drug according to the cost used in research and development(R&D), the uniqueness of the drug, and the competition. 

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