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We, at DealOnPill, prioritize our customer’s privacy. Your privacy is very important to us. And we believe it is our moral responsibility to provide you with the privacy that you seek from us. So if you are worried about your personal information security, don’t worry we are there for you.

Whether it is your personal or payment information, you are covered. To have tracking on our privacy policy, we advise you to read the policy from time to time.

By going through our privacy policy, you will make sure your security and understand how we use your information for your benefit.

What Information Do We Collect?

We adhere to collecting the information that is provided by you during the time of registration. We ensure you that any third party does not use the information collected.

Registration On Our Site

To make any purchase from our website, it is necessary to register yourself. In the process of registration, information like your name, phone number, email address, country of residence, and payment information is asked.

This information is required when billing your order and to enhance your experience on our site. In case of any problem with order shipment, this information is used to contact you.

How Do We Protect?

All the information filled in by you is stored in a different database. Only a particular number of people have access to it. Your information is secure with us. A special type of technology, SSL or Secure Socket Layer, is used by us. This technology encrypts all the information so that no mishap can be done from our side.

We make sure that no kind of bug or leakage happens to your information. This information is not connected to our website and hence can’t be used for any personal use.

Cookie Policy

Cookies are the small pieces of text that are sent by the website. Cookies are sent to give users the best experience of the website. By accepting the cookies, you give the website the right to store your information and use it for your benefit.

It is in the customer’s will to accept the cookie or deny it. When you accept it, your information gets stored in our database. Due to this, every time you shop from our site, we recommend you the best due to the information stored.

Why we use cookies:

  • To understand customer’s interest
  • To track advertisements
  • To give recommendations

If you deny the cookies, no information will be saved. And you might not get an efficient version of our site.

Reviews And Ratings

Providing reviews is not mandatory. But it is recommended to give your review and feedback on the product used. This helps us to improve the quality and encourages us to give the best to you.

Your feedback will also help other customers and improve our credibility and authority with our customers. Your experience with our product matters to us, and hence we recommend you rate and give a review of our product.

Changes To Our Policy

We, DealOnPill, have the right to change our privacy policy at any time. Please ensure that you go through our policy from time to time.

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