Return & Refund

To return your order, make sure that you understand the process well. If in any case, the product does not fulfil any criteria then it will not be returned and refundable. Please read the return and refund policy before applying for the request. 

Confirmation of Return and Refund

Once you generate a request for return and refund, we, at DealOnPill, make sure that the order is eligible for return and refund policy. 

Please read the parameters before raising a request for a return and refund:

  • The product or the package should not be opened by the customer, to return the product. 
  • There should be no tampering done with the seal and the package.
  • The product should be returnable. Make sure that you check on the package “non-returnable” before requesting for return and refund.
  • Any extra accessories should not be missing from the product.

If your product or package does not follow any of the above-mentioned criteria, then it will not fulfill the eligibility criteria and cannot be returned. 

Generate Return and Refund Requests

If you think the product isn’t delivered as expected or you don’t want it, then it is possible to return the product. For asking refund of the product, you need to raise a request. 

Steps to Return:

  • Go to our website, link.
  • Log into the registered account
  • Go to the “my order” section and select the product that you want to return
  • Once you do that, you will see a “return and refund” section
  • Make sure that the product is refundable and fulfills all the guidelines
  • Once you confirm it, click Return and refund
  • Now all you have to do is fill in some details and the product will be marked for return

In case, you are not able to log in or access the portal, then you can directly contact our customer care support. You can call or mail us at [email protected]. As soon as we can, we will contact you. 

Lost Orders

In case of any lost orders, the company will be responsible for it. It won’t cost you a penny. We will reship the order and return it to you. Make sure that you inform DealOnPill about any delay in the order. You can contact us on our customer care support.

Once you report, we will send you an email regarding the lost order. The package will arrive at your doorstep in the lost package. 

We ensure that customers do not have to suffer from any delay but if it happens by any chance, the company will take care of it.

Timeframe of Return

Generally, the product is returned between 0-7 days from the date of return confirmation. In case of any unreliable situations, there might be a delay in the return. 

Refund Policy

Once you complete all the processes and return the product, we will ask for your bank details. The details will include your current bank account number and other bank details. 

We will make the refund directly to the shared bank account. The transaction will be done between 7-10 days.

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