How Do I Know If I Have Erectile Dysfunction?

How Do I Know If I Have Erectile Dysfunction?

Have Erectile dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction is a term that increases the heart rate of every man. This problem is a universal issue, and there are so many myths about it. These myths sometimes let you do the things that won’t even be necessary. Erectile dysfunction is a common problem that inclines with age, but there are ways to treat it quickly. 

In this blog, you will learn about erectile dysfunction, its causes, and whether you are experiencing it.

What is Erectile Dysfunction? – In Simple Terms

Erectile dysfunction, popularly known as ED, is a male impotence. It is an inability to develop or maintain an erection for sufficient period during sex. 

Erectile dysfunction generally affects men between 40-80 age-old. The main reason is that men in this age undergo many health issues, like heart disease, high cholesterol, etc.

What Causes ED?

Various reasons can cause erectile dysfunction. But ED mainly depends on three factors:

Some health conditions that may lead to erectile dysfunction are:

These are the physical factors that lead to ED in men. Along with this, medication taken for these diseases may also lead to erectile dysfunction. ED also depends on the psychological factors like:

  • Relationship conflicts
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Low self-esteem

Moreover, have erectile dysfunction is also linked to your daily routine and the lifestyle you live in. From starting your day to going to bed, many unhealthy habits directly or indirectly impact your mental and physical health. 

  • Smoking
  • High alcohol consumption
  • Lack of physical workout
  • High intake of junk food

How to Know if You Have Erectile Dysfunction? – 5 Major Signs of Erectile Dysfunction

1) You Don’t Get a Hard Erection

Less hard erections become a hurdle in performing satisfied sexual activity. The main reason for not getting fully hard erections is the lack of blood flow in the penis. The brain is always responsible for diluting the blood in different body parts, including the pelvic area. 

Insufficient blood flow allows you to get less hard erections, which can be a warning sign of having erectile dysfunction. This problem can occur due to heart problems or any complications in the cardiovascular muscles. 

2) You Experience Painful Erections

Sex is the most satisfying and desirable activity that every man loves. Painful erections sound the opposite of pleasure. Various reasons can cause pain in the erection during sex. It can be an early sign of priapism or Peyronie’s disease

Painful erections hinder sexual functioning. Consult a doctor when you experience pain in the erections. It can be a sign of erectile dysfunction or prostate cancer. 

3) You Lose Interest in Sex

It is hard to believe, but men with having erectile dysfunction gradually lose interest in sexual activity. They tend to go away and dodge the topic as much as possible. It leads to a lack of self-confidence and low self-esteem. 

Along with this, low testosterone levels can also cause erectile dysfunction. If you find it hard to have dirty conversations with your partner or get nervous before sexual intercourse, you may have erectile dysfunction.

4) You Experience High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure and erectile dysfunction are linked to each other. It is not wrong to say that one is the symptom of the other. Hypertension is a threat to a well-going and fulfilled sex life. 

If you experience high blood pressure without any particular reason is an early sign of erectile dysfunction. Hypertension damages the blood vessels, which directly impacts your erectile health. 

5) You Lose Erections

Losing an erection during sex directly implies erectile dysfunction. Losing an erection before experiencing orgasm or not being able to get an erection at all means ED in men. It happens primarily due to psychological issues. Something that goes in your mind constantly, and without even realizing it, starts affecting your sexual health. 

Although, it is not necessary to have ED when you experience anxiety or stress. However, consistent behavior is a sign of erectile dysfunction.

You can learn more warning signs of erectile dysfunction here.

How to Treat Erectile Dysfunction?

Have Erectile dysfunction – It can be treated with the help of medications, psychotherapy, and some lifestyle changes. Psychotherapy is generally preferred for ED when you experience anxiety or depression. 

Oral medications that treat erectile dysfunction:

But before taking any dose of these medicines, make sure that you discuss the symptoms with your doctor. There are several alternative treats of ED are available. It includes injections, penile pumps, or natural remedies like L-arginine. 


ED is a problem that 40% of men suffer in their 40s. Various reasons can cause erectile dysfunction, including other severe health conditions or depression. If you have ED, don’t be afraid and seek professional help. 

If you are having problems getting an erection and cannot attract sex, don’t worry. We offer the best medications for erectile dysfunction. You will get help with low libido, stronger erection, and long-lasting orgasm. 


Q1. What do You Feel When You Have ED?

Men with erectile dysfunction generally undergo frustration, stress, and anxiety. These feelings become their friends. ED also hinders the relationship and ignites conflicts between the couples. No matter what led to ED, consult a doctor and learn the next steps in this process.

Q2. How Long Does ED Normal Last?

An erection typically lasts for a few minutes to an hour. However, erectile dysfunction depends on its treatment. If the cause is diagnosed early and necessary actions are taken as soon as possible, ED starts to fade away, and men enjoy their desired sex life again.

Q3. How Does ED Usually Start?

ED can happen due to various reasons. The lack of blood flow in the penis mainly causes it. Some risk factors of ED are- depression, anxiety, heart disease, diabetes, and unhealthy lifestyle. It comes with early warning signs that ensure it is time to consult a doctor about the problem. 

Q4. What are the Warning Signs of ED?

Some warning signs of have erectile dysfunction are- less hard erection, losing interest in sex, painful erection, high blood pressure, loss of erection, no morning wood, no satisfied sleep, etc.

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