How to Bring Fun in Sexless Marriage Say Goodbye to Sexual Dysfunction

How to Bring Fun in Sexless Marriage? Say Goodbye to Sexual Dysfunction

Are you feeling guilty or angry for not satisfying your partner’s needs? Sexual dysfunction is usual and happens to the majority of men with growing age. It is not something to be ashamed of. But when it disturbs your marriage and creates problems, it is time to find a solution for it. 

A sexless marriage may look happy from the outside, but there are many problems that only couples experience. But why suffer when you can treat? In this blog, you will learn about the impact of sexless marriage on couples and tips to overcome it. 

Understanding Sexual Dysfunction

Sexual dysfunction is a problem that affects men at any age. In sexual dysfunction, you become incapable of fulfilling your sexual satisfaction. It can come in multiple ways- erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, low libido, etc. 

Research suggests that the ratio of men suffering from sexual dysfunction is higher than women. It shows that around 50% of men experience ED in their lifetime. Erectile dysfunction is the most common sexual dysfunction that men experience with growing age. 

Causes of Sexual Dysfunction

  • Health conditions: It is very easy to experience erectile dysfunction when you are suffering from other health conditions. It can be heart disease, diabetes, cardiovascular disease or cancer. Hormonal imbalance also leads to sexual sexual dysfunction.
  • Psychological issues: Things that affect your mental state, like work overload, anxiety, relationship problems, or depression, increase the chances of ED in men. Studies show that 9-25% of men contribute to premature ejaculation due to sexual performance anxiety. 

Impact of ED on Sexual Intimacy

The sad part of sexual dysfunction is that it affects the relationship with your partner. It negatively impacts the sexual and intimate side of the relationship. Men start to feel less of themselves and get stressed about the problem. They try to avoid intimate situations, leading to increased frustration and distance between the couples. 

As the distance grows farther and farther, the couples get less intimate. It leads to low to never-sex situations. 

However, erectile dysfunction affects both sides of a relationship. Women suffer at the same amount as men. The lack of communication worsens the problem and makes it difficult to bond with each other. All the love and affection slowly sweeps out from the relationship and the couples remain with distance and lots of frustration.

Sexual intimacy is an important aspect of a romantic relationship. Some common effects of erectile dysfunction on the couple:

  • Couple experience low self-esteem
  • The feeling of rejection and unwanted
  • Loss of intimacy
  • Mismatched sexual desire
  • Sexless marriage

Sexless marriage due to impotence leads to psychological problems like emotional distress. 

How Does Sexless Marriage Affect Couples?

Sexless marriage affects not only sexually but also emotionally. The stress and frustration create so many problems in a marriage. Let’s understand some emotional effects of sexless marriage on couples.

  • No Romance: Affection and romance lies with sexual intimacy. Physical love is crucial to maintain the spark between the couples. Lack of sex makes the relationship incomplete, and gradually, the couples start losing romantic interest in each other. 
  • Increased stress level: Sex helps improve your focus and maintain happiness. Physical pleasure provides the rush into the body and mind that increases the stress level. However, the lack of sexual intimacy leads to more stress and feelings of depression in the long term.
  • Lack of Fun: Sexual intimacy also helps to bring fun and enjoyment to a relationship. The deep talks and waves of laughter that a couple needs somewhere are missing from the whole scene. As the gap increases, couples start to ignore each other and experience no fun in a relationship.
  • Loneliness: Sexual dysfunction creates a gap between the couples. It makes the partners feel lonely and disconnected. Due to a lack of sexual intimacy, a woman feels distant from her partner. It creates stress and sadness. 

Wondering how a small problem creates so many issues between the couples? Physical intimacy is an important factor in a successful marriage. Loneliness, frustration, stress, and anxiety increase with time. As the emotional distance between the couples increases, more problems come in between. 

Tips to Regain Sexual Intimacy

1. Spend Quality Time Together

After knowing the problem, couples usually tend to move farther. But instead spend quality time with each other, as much as possible. Listening to your partner will help to understand their perspective about the situation. 

When at home, try to do things similarly. If your partner is watching TV, sit beside them and watch with them. Or involve them in a fun activity. Try to interact with your partner while completing house chores. Take them on a date or cook together. It will help you get close to your partner and understand each other. 

2. Communicate

It is difficult to share your sex life in talking. But communication brings the couple closer. Talk about the problem and the needs. What you want and listen to what your partner wants. Initiate the conversion by bringing up the concern. 

Communicating with your partner may look hard, but it will help to resolve the misunderstanding. It is also possible that what you think about the situation differs from your partner’s opinion. 

Communication will help to fill the gap of emotional distance. Don’t assume, just ask your partner.

3. Reconnect Through Non-Sexual Activities

Understand that sex is not everything but just a part of your romantic relationship with your partner. You can create intimacy without getting an orgasm. It is just a problem and not a reason to end things. Involve yourself in more non-sexual activities. It can be anything.

An affectionate touch or sharing a hobby can bring intimacy. Please go into the days when you didn’t know each other but understood them. You also involve your partner in foreplay. It is one of the best ways to connect with your partner without stressing about orgasm. 

4. Sleep Together

Sleeping together at the same time can help bring intimacy. It is possible to sleep at different times. But you spend the most quality time when you go to sleep together. Ask about their day or share anything funny. 

Talk to them instead of watching a series or scrolling on social media. Erectile dysfunction and sexless marriage might look difficult together, but it is not that complicated. All you need is affection and some good night talks. 

5. Become Their Mental Support

It is usual to experience psychological issues during this phase. You, being a man, feel less and unwanted, while your partner might also be suffering from some thoughts. These feelings and emotions pile up and make things worse. 

Instead, become your partner’s mental support. Ask about their condition. Show them what you are going through. Tell them about how frustrated you are feeling. It will help them to understand you. Intimacy will come automatically if you will talk about your mental state.

How to Treat Erectile Dysfunction?

1. Take ED Medications

Medications are one of the best ways to treat erectile dysfunction. They help to improve the blood flow in the pelvic area and enhance sexual performance. Various medicines are available to treat erectile dysfunction. 

Your doctor may prescribe the medicines after knowing the root cause of the condition. Medicines that you take with a prescription are:

These medicines come in brand and generic form. However, the quality of both medicines does not change. Medications can help to break the bridge between sexless marriage and erectile dysfunction. 

2. Couple’s Therapy

Couple’s therapy is another way to solve the problem of sexless marriage. A therapist tries to understand the problem and helps to build clear communication. They create a bridge to talk your emotions to your partner. 

In couple therapy, you can express your emotions without any hesitation in front of your partner. It helps to rebuild the emotional connection between you and your partner. The issues that are concerning you when coming into the light get solved. 

You can attend talk therapy or sex therapy, or you can also take the help of a psychotherapist. These therapies work by talking about your thoughts and understanding the root cause of sexual dysfunction. Stress, depression, or anxiety are the psychological causes that may lead to erectile dysfunction. 

3. Vacuum Pump

Using a vacuum pump can help to get a strong erection during intercourse. It creates a vacuum to stimulate an erection. The blood flow in the penis increases, and you get a hard-on. It comes as a plastic tube that you place over your penis. The air draws out of the plastic tube, and an elastic ring helps to provide a base to your penis.

It works by holding the blood in the penis, making it easy to get an erection. This process can easily work for 30 minutes. 

4. Alternative Solution

Your performance in bed highly depends on the lifestyle you are living in. Lack of physical exercise and a healthy diet can lead to sexual problems. To avoid this, you can perform a kegel exercise. Eat healthy food rich in green vegetables and fruits. 

Quit smoking and reduce alcohol consumption. These factors contribute to sexual dysfunction indirectly. But when you keep control of your lifestyle, the chances of ED are reduced. 

Can Lack of Sex Break a Marriage?

Sexual dysfunction can become a barrier in the relationship, but it depends on the couple how to take it. Impotence can create stress, frustration, and anger between the couples, but it cannot break a marriage. Understanding each is important to maintain a relationship. 

You can take the help of medications and professionals. It will help you regain your erection and confidence back in bed. DealOnPill suggests trying on the marriage and relationship, employing many treatments available. 


Reminding yourself again and again about erectile dysfunction won’t solve the problem. It’s crucial to take a step toward it. Implement the tips and take professional’s help to find a way out of this problem. Improve your lifestyle by working out daily and eating healthy. These may seem small, but they can help bring a better tomorrow. 

If you want to find ED treatment, all you need is to explore our wide range of ED and PE medications. These medicines will help in increasing the blood flow and enhance your sex life. Take the right medicines and enjoy the actual results. You can click on the link to visit our website! 


Q1. How can I satisfy my sexual desires in a sexless marriage?

You can experiment with the things that you do in bed. You can start with affectionate touch and kissing for a long period. Oral sex and foreplay can help ignite sexual intimacy. It is essential to find ways that suit both you and your partner instead of giving up. 

Q2. How can I be happy in a sexless marriage?

You can know your partner and understand their needs. Involve yourself in multiple activities with your partner. Build the bond again and find solutions for the situation. Talk to them and listen to their perspective. Instead of focusing on the sexual orgasm and erection, try to focus on the little happy moments shared with your partner. 

Q3. Is it OK to leave a sexless marriage?

In this matter, the bonding between the couples is essential. Sexless relationships create so much stress and anger in couples. Sometimes, to avoid this, it is OK to part ways. But before taking this stop, make sure you attend couple therapy and seek professional help. Various treatments can help in bringing your sex life back. But if these do not solve the frustration, it is better to leave a sexless marriage. 

Q4. Should I marry if I have erectile dysfunction?

If you have erectile dysfunction, make sure to find ways to solve it. You can talk to a doctor and find treatment for it. They can prescribe medications for you that can help you get a stronger erection because marrying with sexual dysfunction can create problems and psychological issues like guilt and stress. It might make you and your partner feel unwanted. 


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