Cenforce 130 mg (Sildenafil Citrate)

Cenforce 130 helps get an erection faster, even when there are underlying symptoms of erectile dysfunction.

Active Ingredient:

Sildenafil Citrate


Erectile Dysfunction


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10 Tablets in 1 Strip

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Cenforce 130 mg (Sildenafil Citrate)
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Why Cenforce 130? When the penile muscles are stimulated, they contract and allow the penis to form an erection. It is essential during copulation or any other type of sexual activity. Furthermore, the body can’t ejaculate or discharge semen if the penis is flaccid. Sometimes, the penis fails to get an erection or maintain its erect condition for the expected time. As a result, the semen accumulated cannot be discharged on time, affecting the overall sexual libido and performance.

For this reason, many people take medicines that can temporarily solve this problem and ensure that penile erection can be achieved without any further problems. One such medicine taken is Cenforce 130mg. It is a low-dosage medicine used to treat mild or early symptoms of erectile dysfunction. Furthermore, Cenforce is an FDA-approved drug, which ensures maximum safety for people taking the drug.

Working of Cenforce 130

This medication helps get an erection faster, even when there are underlying symptoms of erectile dysfunction. The drug contains a PDE 5 inhibitor, also known as sildenafil citrate. Its main function is to relax the blood vessels carrying blood to the penile muscles.

As a result, the concentration of nutrients and oxygen increases, allowing the penis to erect after about half an hour of consuming the medicine. Many people believe that this medication can treat erectile dysfunction permanently. But that is not the case. The function of this drug is to get an erection in the penile muscles. It doesn’t cure the underlying causes of ED.

Benefits of taking Cenforce 130

Following are some of the benefits of taking this medication.

  1. The major benefit of taking the this medication drug is getting an early erection despite underlying causes of erectile dysfunction. In other words, the blood vessels relax and carry more oxygen and nutrients to the penile muscles to ensure the penis can stay erect longer.
  2. Also, it reduces the chances of delayed or premature ejaculation during any type of sexual activity. As a result, men can engage in sexual activities without worrying about decreased sexual libido.
  3.   One of the most significant benefits of having Cenforce 130 is its action on infertility or sterility. Since the blood vessels dilate, the semen gets discharged without any further problem, and the fertilization process is unaffected.

Ways to take Cenforce 130

Below are some things to remember while consuming Cenforce 130 tablets.

  1. It can be taken on an empty stomach as that enhances the drug’s overall efficacy and forms the penile erection much faster.
  2. Also, this medication needs to be taken without the influence of alcohol as that can interfere with its normal function. Alcohol triggers systemic vasodilation, causing the blood pressure to drop abnormally in the presence of sildenafil citrate.
  3. This medication can be taken half an hour before getting engaged in sexual activity. The time frame is sufficient enough to get the erection.

Precautions to follow with Cenforce 130mg

It is a safe drug administered to overcome the difficulties of getting a penile erection due to ED. However, it is better to remember some of the precautions so that fatal responses can be easily avoided.

  1. First, it is better to avoid meals with too much fat because that can interfere with the normal functioning of Cenforce 130 and reduce the overall efficiency.
  2. The dosage needs to be as per the doctor’s recommendation. In other words, the tablet can be taken once in 24 hours to avoid any further health complications due to overdosage.
  3. Also, it would be best to avoid taking any other drug meant to treat erectile dysfunction in combination with Cenforce 130.

Dosage of Cenforce 130

  • Missed dosage
    Sometimes, forgetting to take the medicine once or twice is natural. Under such conditions, there is no need to fret and simply continue with the normal dosage from the next day.
  • Overdosage
    If people take this medication more than the recommended dosage, it can lead to overdosing. Excess concentration of sildenafil citrate in the blood can lead to different health complications. So, in such cases, consult the doctor immediately.

Alternatives of Cenforce 130

There are certain alternatives to this medication, like:

  1. Manforce 100 mg
  2. Assurans 20 mg

Different Strengths of Cenforce

There are certain strengths in Cenforce like:

  1. Cenforce 100
  2. Cenforce 150
  3. Cenforce 200

Buy Cenforce 130 Online USA

You can now buy Cenforce 130 online without worrying about standing in the queue for hours and dealing with other problems.

Side effects of Cenforce 130

Certain side effects of taking this medication need to be known.

  • Nausea
  • Dizziness and drowsiness
  • Loss of muscle control
  • Indigestion
  • Muscle and joint aches

Why buy Cenforce 130 from us?

Following are some of the reasons which make us one of the best online pharmacies for Cenforce 130.

  1. We are an authentic medical store with a proper license. That’s why all our medicines are up-to-date and stocked as per the industry standards and regulations.
  2. We offer seasonal discounts to our buyers to ensure they can rely on us while purchasing Cenforce 130.


1. Can I take two pills of Cenforce 130mg?

No, you cannot take two pills of Cenforce 130mg since that will lead to overdosing and can cause further health complications.

2. How to take Cenforce 130?

It should be taken half an hour before the sexual activity. Also, it is better to have the medicine on an empty stomach.

3. How much discount can I avail of on Cenforce 130?

The discount that you can avail with this medication depends on the shop from where you will be buying and the discount offers.


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