Asthalin Inhaler 100mcg (Salbutamol)

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Asthalin Inhaler 100mcg [Salbutamol]—a bronchodilator that relieves you from breathing problems and makes sure you won’t stay breathless.

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Asthalin Inhaler 100mcg (Salbutamol)
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Detailed Overview: What is salbutamol?

Asthalin Inhaler 100mcg [Salbutamol]—a bronchodilator that relieves you from breathing problems and makes sure you won’t stay breathless. Let’s go further & discuss the details regarding, Breathing or more precisely Respiration—which is one of the most crucial functions of the body, that we can’t drop even for minutes! We require constant oxygen to survive & thrive!

Humans & Breathing Problems!

Our dependency on the air [oxygen to be specific] is too much, without which we’ll be dead in minutes, and that exactly is the reason why breathing problems like Asthma & COPD make us so miserable, and we consistently fail to face common breathing issues like coughing & wheezing! 

To be honest, for patients with asthma and even COPD [chronic obstructive pulmonary disease], these common breathing problems don’t stay as common and become more like a consistent attack, like a sneeze attack, a wheeze attack! Let’s understand both the lung disorder Asthma & COPD in detail!

Breathing Problem—Asthma 

A lung disorder that affects people regardless of their age & sex, and causes inflammation & muscle tightening or airways. And because of this it’s harder to breathe & the patient would require a reliever!

Breathing Problem—COPD 

A group of disorders that causes airflow blockage & breathing problems. A problem that is making the lives of 16 million Americans way more difficult than anyone can imagine! 

Salbutamol Inhaler Uses

Salbutamol Benefits—Parasitic Infections

While going through breathing problems, when one begins to grasp for every breath, when the upcoming breath is getting more & more shorter, at such crucial times what a person would like to have is would be—quick relief, and that’s what ‘relievers’ stand for!

Salbutamol—is also known as the reliever medication in the common tongue, and in medical terms, we call it a fast-acting bronchodilator. It comes from the family of short-acting beta-2 adrenergic agonist, that directly stimulates beta-2 adrenoceptors residing in bronchial muscles [smooth muscles lined bronchi]. 

In general English, Salbutamol eases the muscle tightening lined around the bronchi, that connects the windpipe to the lungs—and that’s how it improves respiration! 

  • Albuterol for COPD—Albuterol is another name for Salbutamol, a bronchodilator that relaxes the airway, resulting in smooth breathing!
  • Salbutamol for Weight Loss—Not a specific weight loss medication, but because of its stimulatory effects like easing breathing passage, rapid heart rate & elevated blood pressure helps people with weight loss.

Instructions: How to use a Salbutamol Inhaler

Let us help you go through the detailed instructions regarding—how to use Salbutamol Inhaler!

  • Always read the instructions guide carefully that comes with the medication.
  • When you need to relieve symptoms—take 1 to 2 puffs
  • When you are about to do some vigorous activity like exercise—then take 1 to 2 puffs 15 minutes before!
  • Limit you should never go beyond—2 puffs 4 hourly max, 4 times [which would be 8 puffs] in the whole 24 hours max!
  • If you have done inhaling, but still waiting for relief for 3 long hours, consult your doctor right away!
  • Keep your inhaler clean, wash it regularly.

Salbutamol Side Effects- Asthalin Inhaler 100mcg

In general, it’s safe and highly effective to use, but in some unusual situations, patients may face some side effects [that can be improved on their own, still you should inform your doctor].

  • Headache
  • Tremors
  • Cough
  • Palpitations
  • Viral respiratory infections

There may be some extremely rare cases when the patient may face symptoms that may require prompt doctor consultation, like,

  • Severely bad headache
  • Severe dizziness
  • chest pain

Precautions & Warnings— Salbutamol Inhaler

  • The exact effects of alcohol with Salbutamol Inhaler are not completely known, which is why the best thing would be to consult your doctor for details.
  • Wait a little before searching for Salbutamol Inhaler Price, because it may not be the smart thing to use it while you’re pregnant; hence it’s unsafe for the baby and can project harmful effects.
  • As it doesn’t pass through the milk, so all breastfeeding mothers, it’s a go-green for you to use Asthalin Inhaler 100mcg!

What to do when you Missed a Dose?

Well, it’s made to relieve difficulty breathing, but when you’re prescribed to use it regularly, and you missed a dose then you can inhale it as soon as you remember. But when it is already time for another dose then you can ditch the missed one! 

What to do when you Overdose?

Never go beyond the recommended dose as it can easily bring you numerous adverse effects like tremors, uncontrollable shaking of the body, headache, irregular heartbeat, difficulty falling asleep, and many more, at such a crucial time, you’ll require immediate medical attention.

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Store:Salbutamol Inhaler [Asthalin Inhaler 100mcg]

  • Make sure you have stored the medication out of sight & reach of pets & children.
  • Keep it safe and store it below 25C, just so it can be effective for a long time.
  • Times when it deteriorates or is no longer useful for you, discard it!


Q1. What is Salbutamol? And what is it used for?

It’s a bronchodilator that relieves you from breathing problems and makes sure you won’t stay breathless. By going further Salbutamol eases the muscle tightening lined around the bronchi, that connects the windpipe to the lungs—and that’s how it improves respiration! 

Q2. Is Salbutamol an over the counter medication?

You can’t just buy a Salbutamol Inhaler just like other common medications, but you would require a prescription [doctor’s approval] to avail of this medication because, without an expert practitioner’s approval, it can put you on the brink of having side effects!

Q3. What are the Salbutamol Inhaler Prices?

You can just scroll and witness the heavy discount you’re getting on your Salbutamol Inhaler, that you can’t get anywhere else [especially not from your traditional pharmaceutical companies in the USA]!

Q4. What kinds of payment cards are accepted?

When you’re on a shopping spree to Buy a Salbutamol Inhaler Online, you should reach us as we indeed accept ample credit & debit cards, so you don’t have to worry about payment issues. You can even pay via direct bank transfer if you lose even an ounce of your convenience.

Q5. How can I get my refund from our pharmaceutical companies in the USA?

Buying a Salbutamol Inhaler is easy, as Salbutamol Inhaler Prices at DealonPill are at an all-time low! But if you would have ordered way and now want to return some, then it’s okay. We get it! Please go through our refund policy to have a detailed explanation about getting your money back on your every purchase from our website.


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