7 Tested Exercises to Increase Testosterone Levels in Men

7 Tested Exercises to Increase Testosterone Levels in Men

Are you worried about your testosterone levels? Don’t worry. It is usual to experience a lack of T levels in men. Various factors affect the testosterone production. But it becomes difficult when you can’t get an erection or experience sexual problems. Exercise is one of the best ways to improve your T levels.

This blog will cover the seven best testosterone exercises that not only improve the production of testosterone but also provide the necessary strength to the body. 

Does Exercise Help with Testosterone Levels?

If you have sexual problems and suffering from hormonal imbalance, exercising is the best way to cope with it. Any kind of physical activity helps in strengthening sexual function and supports testosterone production. 

Your testosterone levels depend on four factors- your weight, age, fitness level, and the time you exercise. 

If you are obese, exercising daily reduces the extra weight and improves the levels. With growing age, it becomes difficult to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Minimal exercise provides support to the body and improves sexual functioning. 

Studies show that resistance training and high-intensity exercise boost the testosterone levels. However, if over-done, they can reverse the reaction. 

7 Testosterone Exercises

1. Squats

Squats are an effective exercise that strengthens the upper portion of the body. It helps to enhance your body posture. These are also helpful in improving the testosterone levels in men. The appropriate number of squats can help you increase your testosterone levels and improve sexual health. 

When you perform squats, you provide strength to your largest muscles, like hips, glutes, and quadriceps. These muscles play a crucial role in sexual activity. Another benefit of Squats is that they increase the metabolism. You can practice this exercise with weight or without weight. 

Here’s how you can do squats:

  • Place your legs beside each other at a distance wider than your hips
  • Pull out your hips by bending your knees
  • If you want, take the barbell in your hands and move up and down with it
  • Make sure the ankles are a little outward and the back straight

2. Deadlifts

A deadlift is an intense training that men do to build their muscles and provide strength to the grip. It is a hard exercise, and you should take the help of a professional. Deadlifts are beneficial for the back, glutes, core, and hamstrings. These help to decrease the weight, which is one of the major reasons for decrement in the testosterone levels. 

Deadlifts help to bring hormonal, making it easier to get an erection.

Way to do deadlifts are:

  • Place your feet in the hip-width distance and bend down to take the bar
  • Bend your knees and push your hips outwards
  • With your back straight, pull the bar upward 
  • Make sure to pull the bar till your thighs

3. Sprints

Sprint is a high-intensity interval training (HIIT), which is one of the best exercises that helps maintain your body. Sprinting is running at your highest speed for a short duration, like 20 seconds. It focuses on the speed rather than working on the distance. Sprinting keeps your heart safe and prevents heart disease. It also prevents you from getting overweight. 

Studies support that sprinting helps in increasing testosterone levels in the body. A recent study on the relationship between testosterone levels and sprint performance. They took 70 young professional athletes, both males and females. Females didn’t show any change, but higher testosterone levels were linked with the males. 

There are some points to keep in mind before taking sprints. It is essential to warm up before sprinting. Try to find a plane track, it is beneficial for the posture while sprinting. It also improves mood and muscle growth, which helps to balance the hormones. 

4. Push-ups

Push-ups are the best exercise for growing biceps and improving overall posture. Push-ups work best for the upper portion of the body like the chest, triceps, abs, and midsection. Push-ups are a testosterone exercise that improves its levels and helps in sexual functioning. 

Here’s how you can do push-ups:

  • Position your body by stretching your legs and bringing the weight on your shoulders
  • Your fingers should point in the front, and your body should be straight from head to toe
  • Any other form or position can put pressure on the wrong body parts
  • Now pull yourself up and down
  • Make sure that your hands are in the proper distance from each other

5. Bench Press

Another exercise that works amazingly for enhancing testosterone production is the bench press or chest press. This exercise helps to strengthen the muscles of the upper body, which naturally improves testosterone levels. 

study in 2016 concluded that bench presses can increase testosterone levels in men. In the study, the researchers took ten men to perform five sets of 3 reps. The results showed that the levels were changed during the rest period after heavy workouts. 

Follow these steps to perform the bench press:

  • Bend yourself on the bench and keep your elbows close to your body
  • Firm your feet on the ground and make sure that you are in a comfortable position
  • Your back should be straight, and do a quick warm-up before lifting the weight on your shoulders
  • Slowly set your grip on the weight bar and take the weight on
  • Take a deep breath while bringing the bar down
  • You will feel the weight on your chest during this process
  • Repeat it again and practice daily

6. Rows

Rows are exercise that focuses on strengthening the muscles and spine. Similarly, like bench presses, rowing also improves the upper body parts, which leads to better testosterone production. 

However, many studies back up that excessive rowing can reverse the action and reduce the testosterone levels in the body. Make sure you perform this exercise by taking the help of a professional. The side effects can cause problems and affect your sexual functioning. 

7. Leg Press

Last but not least, testosterone exercise is leg press. Researchers performed various studies on differentiating squats and leg presses for this matter. They concluded that both work well for enhancing testosterone production. 

Leg press strengthens the lower body portion and contributes to improving the blood flow. It creates resistance in the lower body and is also known as resistance training. This high-intensity training boosts testosterone levels by enhancing the metabolism. 

Here’s how you can do leg press:

  • Sit on the leg press machine with your back straight on the support.
  • Place your feet on the footplate with your toe pointing upwards
  • In this position, your knees should be bending at the right angle (90*)
  • Make sure of your breathing while performing this exercise
  • Breath out when you put pressure on the footplate and push it
  • Breath in when the footplate comes closer, and you relax
  • Repeat this process to get the best results


Performing high-intensity exercises will help in improving the blood flow and metabolism and burn fat from the body. You can practice deadlifts, squats, push-ups, leg press, and bench press. These intense workouts boost the testosterone levels. Sprints improve the stamina and enhance the sexual functioning. Improve your diet and have a good sleep routine. 

Furthermore, if you have sexual problems like ED or PE, you can find a variety of medicines to treat sexual dysfunction. It is ordinary to experience these problems at some point in your life. 


Q1. What Exercise Increases Testosterone Most?

Endurance training and resistance training help with improving testosterone levels. High-intensity exercises improve the metabolism, leading to better T levels. Cardio exercise burns extra fat, which helps to prevent obesity. 

Q2. How Much Testosterone is Increased by Exercise?

Studies show that working out, like weight lifting for 30 minutes can increase the T levels by 21% in men and 16% in women. 

Q3. Does Running Increase Testosterone?

Slow running is not effective for producing testosterone. To see the significant changes in the sex hormones, you need to practice high-intensity exercises like deadlifts, sprints, push-ups, and squats. These exercises don’t last for a longer duration but work effectively on the body. Research shows that HIIT exercises work better than low-intensity exercises for T production. 

Q4. Which Exercise with 100 Increase Testosterone?

Heavy lifting works best for improving the T levels. These exercises include deadlifts, squats, bench presses, leg presses, and push-ups. 


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